February Classics Club Meme #ccmeme

classicsclub1 February Classics Club Meme Question #31:  Which book published since 2000 will be considered a “classic” in the future?


When considering the books published since 2000 that I have read, my vote for which might be the most lasting and remain critically acclaimed would have to be

Gilead by Marilynne Robinson.

My review describes it as a quiet by powerful book; “a contemplative book (with) strong emotions are examined against the history of evolving relationships.” It won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction 2005.

Runners up would be the Harry Potter books and possibly Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch. Perhaps even ML Stedman’s The Light Between Oceans? Again, these are books I have actually read. I liked Light Between Oceans better than Goldfinch… Oh! and what about another Pulitzer, not that I’m saying a book has to have won a big prize, but I did find The Orphan Master’s Son to be brilliant. This all begs the question of what actually makes or is required for a book to be deemed ‘classic’? And I would venture my answer would be those books that people are still talking about and admiring? Or should be – ha!

This should be a fun meme; I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s responses.

My Classics Club Original List of 50 in 5 Years.


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7 thoughts on “February Classics Club Meme #ccmeme

  1. I had to look it up to be sure it qualifies, and it does – I’d pick Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. That book just seeped deep into me – so deep that I actually found myself in the landscape of the book in one of my dreams while I was reading it – none of the characters, just the landscape. It was an amazing, very surreal experience that I’ll never forget. And in my mind, the Harry Potter books are already classics.

  2. Lol, Care–I can’t believe we picked the same book! Clearly I should have read your post first and come up with a different answer, 🙂 Love the BBC list; although I don’t agree with all of them The Known World by Edward Jones is another great one.

    1. No; I love that we agreed! It’s funny that I also thought of the Oscar Wao book but couldn’t think up the title so I figured OBVIOUSLY is NOT a candidate if I can’t remember. But that book was amazing, too. Not that I ‘got’ all of it. Or perhaps because I didn’t ‘get’ all of it…

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