The Winter’s Tale

Thoughts twtbywsa_ The Winter’s Tale by William Shakespeare, Blackstone Audio 2014 (orig 1609), ~3 hours

Narrated by LOTS of people. Click on the button above to link to Audible.doc and get all the details.

FOR:  The Back to the Classics Challenge:  Play

WHAT’s it ABOUT:  From the Publisher’s Summary

King Leontes of Sicilia is seized by sudden and terrible jealousy of his wife Hermione, whom he accuses of adultery. He believes the child Hermione is bearing was fathered by his friend Polixenes, and when the baby girl is born he orders her to be taken to some wild place and left to die. Though Hermione’s child escapes death, Leontes’ cruelty has terrible consequences. Loss paves the way for reunion, and life and hope are born out of desolation and despair.

One of the late romances in Shakespeare’s canon, this complex work is at times tragic, at times humorous, but always entertaining and enlightening.

I was ignorant of the story so I felt I needed to do more research before fully enjoying the language. I highly recommend watching this YouTube presentation in two parts by Salt n’ Pepper Shakespeare and THEN listening/reading/viewing this play:

RATING:  Three stars.  (Three for the play because I was a bit lost and it had a lot of musical interludes and it was tough to figure out the characters and five for the videos above!)

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9 thoughts on “The Winter’s Tale

    1. Yes, the bear! I do think I have heard something about a bear in a Shakespeare play now that you mention it. – and must admit that I don’t even recall listening to this bit. I must have been distracted or just “FAIL”, I don’t know. When the bit in the YouTube explained that, I was like “HUH?” I found these videos AFTER I finished reading, but I listened to the second Act after reading a bit about the plot line so I could try better to discern the characters and motivations. I wish I had watched this at the very start. I just might have to listen again.

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