January 2015 Recap

My agenda for today’s meeting post is as follows:

Sister Carrie
Book Club/s
Whatever Else I Think Of That Doesn’t Fit in Any Previously Mentioned Category


Hello! Hello! Happy SnowStorm up in my ol’ prior place of living!! (They got a storm if you didn’t hear) and I was not sad to miss it. I enjoyed all the Facebook posts and pics, I really did. We had sunshine and almost warm?  It was 45 degrees so it was fine with me.

I finished Sister Carrie last week and I really enjoyed it. I can tell that Mr. Dreiser was an original thinker – at least compared to my grandparents, maybe? He was bold and he was moralistic but he was also a free-thinker about lots of stuff and I really enjoyed how the story played.

The “Oh Carrie! Oh Carrie!!” at the very end was TERRIFIC!! Am thinking some of that paragraph would make a good epitaph on my pink marble headstone some 40+ years hence. I loved that piece so much that I found the free audiobook online and zoomed forward just to hear the last few paragraphs of the book. This is MY kind of classic:  historical, dramatic, bold. I was surprised. I think I say that a LOT. Why do we think this classics are going to be boring or dry?!?!  Oh We Silly TwentyFirstCenturions….

More on this — I hope!  If somebody wants to volunteer a post for a Sister Carrie #CarrieAlong Readalong Summation — even if in February!!, let me know and we will gather there and share, converse, chat, kibbitz, etc. Or we can set a date and tweet and/or do a watchalong of the movie. It’s on Amazon Prime, fyi…


I joined a book club. My local library has a book club and I crashed it for January. They were most surprised!  Don’tcha love it?  Of course, they were!!  When I stopped by in December, the librarians thrust Invisible: in my hand and I read it and I really didn’t like it much. But — of course!! — I went to the library chat! That’s how I roll. I was the youngest person there but I am embarrassed* to say that I wasn’t the youngest by much. I’m getting old and I do NOT like it. I just might be the kind of person who boycotts my own surprise birthday party that I plan just in case no one thinks to surprise me with one. Actually one reason why I moved is because I both require and dread a surprise 50th birthday party in equal measure. I am SUCH a Gemini. (insert dramatic sigh here).

This book club had a moderator!  We actually talked about the book!!  Crazy.  Good times. I loved it. We are going to read The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd for next time. The library provides the books! Again, shock and awe. AWESOME. Funny story: the library tried to give the group The Good Earth ** by Pearl S Buck but they insisted that the library had the list wrong or misunderstood. They are certain that the next book was to be The Good _(something I forget)_ by one of those ‘popler’*** authors that I can’t ever remember…

So far, Invention of Wings is really good!!!!  I’m 20% in or so. Also , must say, I really like all the improvements that goodreads.com rolls out. They are working for me.

MORE.  I have two more book clubs I am going to “sample” to see if I like the ladies  – OH! that sounds horrible!  if I ‘click’ with the clubbers?!  can I say that??!!?!   I have to read The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry before Feb 5 – yikes!  And also, The Husband’s Secret before Feb 20. THAT I can do because it will be my next audiobook.

yes, yes, I still have to apply for teaching jobs. I’m ON it!!


Last Friday was PIE DAY. I do hope you all got some pie. I made a coffee pudding with meringue which unfortunately sounds better than it was (but the pudding part was orgasmic – yes I said that.) and I also made a Curry Vegetable Pie which was QUITE GOOD (please say that out loud with a Brit accent) but unfortunately was not photo worthy.


The next pie day might be March 14… 3.14 National-Pi-Day But I might be missing some important pie days soon…

June 9 is Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day – you all should be aware of this.


I just finished Shakespeare’s The Winter Tale on audio. I like Shakespeare, I do. I love the flow and rhythm and language of Shakespeare. Remarkable on some many literary levels, it astounds me. I wish I could have cultivated an appreciation for Dear Bill while a teen. But, alas, I did not. (I blame that on the death of my Thespian ambitions in Junior High, oh well.)

First, I know NOTHING about this play. I had to look up what it all meant during listening. I do now want to see a live performance.

I am counting this as my non review and for the Classics Challenge.  I liked it and give it 4 stars. It’s only 3 hours if anyone also needs a good play classic!!!  Actually, it really was well done. Did I mention -oops- Sir John Gielgud.   yes~?~


I went to a Garden Information Night Event at the library. It was a North Carolina Extension presentation. They told me what plants I can plant when – very exciting! I’m excited!  I want to grow beets and garlic and tomatoes and other yummies.

I’m also obsessed with house plants. I had to give most of mine away in the move because it was too much stress to move them. I deposited many with good friends. Hope they are adjusted and loved. I’m accumulating more and hope I can do well. I don’t have the best of a green thumb but I do love house plants. You are supposed to have a house plant for every 10 square feet of house, you know. Best for clean air.


I really thought I had more to say. Guess not. Anyone have any questions? Any motions to adjourn?









* Should be embarrassed to even to attempt bragging about being the youngest – what does this mean?!

** “There’s a life force to this book that a review can’t capture.”  <– I said that in my review. Huh.

*** POPLER = popular. Something adorable my cute second cousin uttered when she was about 9 yo and telling her mother that everyone just seemed to like her….

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24 thoughts on “January 2015 Recap

    1. Looking forward to making new friends. I could tell that the first group was not used to having new people join in! They all knew each other well and talked about other members – in a good way. It was fun and I hope I made a good impression.

  1. I really must find a book club. Only I’m a little afraid I’ll find one, go to one meeting and then not go again. Because I can be like that. But the thought of actually sitting there with people talking about books – it makes my heart flutter, in a good way. I just don’t get much (any) of that in regular life. I love houseplants too. It all started when I was in my early twenties and discovered I could keep African violets alive and blooming. Unfortunately, the kitties (now cats) love houseplants just as much, so keeping houseplants has become more of a strategical manouevering (sp?!) thing than anything else.

  2. I know that a lot of book clubs have a hard time staying on topic and that’s fine, but I’ve had a great time with the two library book clubs that I’ve been a part of. Granted, in the beginning they were both part of my job and I was the moderator, but it’s not that hard to talk about the book and also hear about someone’s vacation or grandkids (yes, a lot are older people) or whatnot. I don’t work at the library anymore, but I do still moderate one of the groups – the mystery one. Highlight of my month. Of course being a library program wine is not involved. Could that be the difference? LOL

    And I think you’ll enjoy THE HUSBAND’S SECRET. And have you read Liane Moriarty’s next book, BIG LITTLE LIES. You should. So good.

    1. I have heard all of Liane M’s books are great but I only got into a few pages of Big Little Lies before school pulled me away from it. Also, to be honest, I wasn’t quite in the mood for “parents of kids in school drama” at that moment in my life!

  3. So much here, I don’t even know where to start! I’m pretty happy about missing the latest dose of winter, too… it’s much more fun to watch on television and then head out for a walk on the beach.

    I’ll do a Sister Carrie post soon…next week? As much as I liked the book, An American Tragedy was even better.

    Gardening, book club, pie. What’s not to love?!

    1. We are or were seriously considering flying up for this weekend because the SuperBowl with the Patriots parties are TOO fun – but. Snow. cold. Flight issues. so maybe NOT.

  4. My book club is a library club. We’ve been a group for over 16 years. People have come and gone, but the core group seems to continue on. Our library system before sucked big time and did not support us at all but we got taken over by an independent company. Oh man, the city raged but they are excellent and have restored our libraries to the perfect places we all expect them to be. Remodeled and updated for today’s teen. Lots of technology and open space. And guess what? They support us! They get the books for us, sometimes provide snacks and of course a meeting space.

    We gather on 2/19 to choose our books for the year. A very exciting time, indeed. I hope your club continues to impress you.

  5. What a lovely share! I’m glad your library supports you and the group is going strong! I think it would be fun to do a year plan for books like that. My club in Mass just rotates the choice which I also like but I think it would be fun to plan, too.

  6. Joining a new book club can be so tricky. I tried so many before finding one I love. They were all full of 20/30 somethings who spent the whole time talking about their kids. The one I finally joined and have been in for 5 years now is fantastic. I’m also the youngest in my club… by about 35 years : ) but I love it! The women are so wonderful and we have great discussions. We’re reading The Invention of Wings this year as well.

    1. She just kept us on task to talk about the book and had great questions. She read a few from the back of the book’s recommended book club discussion points. I complimented her on it and she tried to transfer the responsibility to me! but I said no no no.

  7. I wish I could be a better book club moderator but I just cannot keep my ladies on track. That’s the problem with becoming friends with each other; we’re at least as interested in catching up as talking about the book. Hope you find one that you click with!

  8. Enjoy your book clubs! I keep thinking I should join one too, but the timings just never work out. Oh well. I should read Sister Carrie – sounds like everyone loved it.

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