My List of King

Jill has told me to do this.

Allow me to present the books I have read by Stephen King; in order of how much I enjoyed the experience. Because King books for me are not just ‘books-read’ but ‘experiences-experienced’.

This ranking does not imply that the bottom of the list is bad or not good, just that the ones ranked higher were slightly more fun.

Five slices of pie
1. IT. Readalong, audiobook by Steven Weber. Sept 2012

2. 11/22/63 – only the fourth book by King and after many years’ lapse.  May 2012

3. Doctor Sleep – so much better than The Shining! when does a sequel ever do that? Readalong, audio Dec 2013

4. On Writing – I so enjoy nonfiction. Jan 2007

Four slices
5. Mr. Mercedes – really such fun characters to cheer for. Readalong June 2014

6. Lisey’s Story – inspired by On Writing to try his fiction (I was a snob and was scared)  June 2007

7. Carriebecause. Appreciate more after reading On Writing. Early 80s?! (High School, I think)

7.5 Pet Sematary – March 2015 Readalong

8. The Stand – first Readalong?? June 2012

Three slices
9. Under the Dome – Readalong (my post has lots of pie references) June 2013

10. The Shining – Readalong Feb 2013

11. Bag of Bones – Readalong (only pie reference noted “easy as pie”, really?!) Dec 2014


Shall we go ahead and set a June Readalong for Misery?  Who’s in?!

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24 thoughts on “My List of King

  1. Such a fun post! 😀 And interesting to see how different, and yet not really that different, my rankings would be. (I really loved Under the Dome! And The Stand is always going to be my favorite, but that has *much* to do with nostalgic reasons.) Of all the ones I’ve read, I find Misery to be one of his scariest, just because there’s no supernatural stuff.

  2. I loved 11/22/63! Didn’t care for Misery at all. How about those Tommyknockers, Cujo or Thinner. Oh so many great SK reads. Still haven’t listened to Doctor Sleep…its been in my library for more than a year. And wow I am so impressed you read Under the Dome, that takes commitment!

    1. I don’t go for the truly freaky scary horror stuff. I’ve never even heard of Thinner!
      And why the impress for Under the Dome? The Stand and It were even longer, is that what you mean? I almost always do King on audio.

      1. Yes the length. I guess I read the Stand and It so long ago I have forgotten how long they are…plus I could sit and read for hours on end…oh how I long for those chances now!
        Thinner is about a guy who has a cursed put on him from a band of gypsies. In SK terms it is pretty short. One of his older works.

  3. Four slices for ‘The Stand’!? It’s a fantastic book. I finished reading ‘IT’ last week and have to say that I was a little disappointed. I felt that at times it was a great book, but then dipped for a while before being great again. I also found the ending disappointing. Then again, we can’t all enjoy the same books, as the blogosphere would be very boring! I would in for a ‘Misery’ readalong in June!

    1. yea, I’m not quite sure, but The Stand really dragged along for me. I hadn’t built up my King stamina or something! And like I say in the beginning, a lot of my King-love is the circumstances of how the readalong went. It was just a blast and ALSO? The narration of this is still and may always be the BEST. Weber knocked it out of the park which made the entire IT experience my favorite.

  4. So sad for Under the Dome! Like Jill, it’s right up at the top for me (after 11/22/63). I’m down for Misery. And I guess Pet Sematary. King is much more fun as a readalong!!

    Hmmm–guess I NEED to check out On Writing!

  5. Maree

    I NEVER meet anyone who loves Lisey’s Story!! I LOVE Lisey’s Story!! And I will absolutely be in for a Misery readalong. Also a watchalong maybe? 😀 😀

  6. I love this list! I’ve read all of your 5 slices books except Doctor Sleep. Honestly, I hadn’t read that one yet because I liked but didn’t love The Shining. Now I’m going to have to read it. If it hadn’t been for that first readalong of The Stand, I wouldn’t have read any of these! Also, I read Green Mile last year and it is so good!

    1. Green Mile was just on TV last night and my husband remarked that he had’nt ever seen it – which is odd because I’ve seen it more than once. I just might have to buy that one so he can read it, too.
      Yep, I thought Doctor Sleep was better than the shining! I read those two almost back to back.

  7. I’ve only read On Writing, which doesn’t even count because it’s not even King’s most typical book, but oh, I loved it! I have grand plans to read more of his books at some point. I just don’t know when.

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