Thoughts mjbysc Mockingjay (Hunger Games #3) by Suzanne Collins, Scholastic Press 2010, 390 pages eBook

QUALIFIES: The -ing category of What’s in a Name 8 and also the animal category. I’m going to count it for ING.

RATING:  Three slices of pie.

Lots of violence and still a sullen Katniss. She finally picks a team. Actually, I’m just glad this is (almost) over. Ready to see the movie and be able to say, “Done.”

If I had to pick a favorite, I would say the first one.

(Looks like I’m still in a mini-review mode. Don’t worry – am gathering lots of things to say about Sister Carrie!)


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16 thoughts on “Mockingjay

  1. Yeah, I was less enthused about this one than the first two. I’m going to see the first film of this book but not the second as I’m much more interested in the political exile part than the Battle of All Battles…

    1. I rarely read series books so this really was a quite an accomplishment but I’m not surprised the my interest wavered as it continued.

      Of course, just being able to be honest if anyone asks if I’ve read then all….

  2. If I’m perfectly honest, I barely remember this one (and I’m pretty sure I read it twice). I remember being completely not blown away by books 2 and 3 in this series despite how much I adored the first.

    Thanks for the postcard by the way!!!!

    1. I read LOTR! that’s a series – and because of the movie. For some reason, I haven’t been as compelled to read the Divergent series (I read the first.)

  3. I’m going to read Hunger Games this year as part of my personal “read books from the towering stacks of books I have on top of the book shelf in my closet” self-challenge.

  4. Yep, the first one was by far the best of the books. Good news is, the movies get better as they go along! (So far.) Jennifer Lawrence is so good an actress that when she plays sullen Katniss, I still like her. In fact I like her even better. She plays angry better than maybe any other actress ever.

    (Oo, I am now trying to figure out who the winners of the Angry Oscars would be. Like, Jennifer Lawrence would have to at least be in strong consideration.)

  5. I loved this one. Of course, I loved the entire series but I thought it ended so well. I honestly couldn’t envision a more perfect end for the story. However, I know my opinion is not shared by many others.

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