Tiny Mini-Reviews of 2014 Reads

My super-tiny minimally-worded thoughts on all the 2014 books I read but never got around to reviewing for some reason.  By month, includes year and page/hours, my rating and the number in order of books read.

December 2014
A Bag of Bones / Stephen King Audio (1999,21.3) *** 64

The repeated phrase? “Well, then – that’s all right.” And so, it works for my review.  (PS NOT that scary. A ghost story and does have a creepy vibe but it didn’t have any real horror, I didn’t think. Frankly, I was more annoyed at all the author name-dropping.)

Invisible / Carla Buckley (2012,400) ** 63

Environmental head-thwomp and inconsistent characters whining a lot.

101 Things I Learned in Film School/Neil Landau (2010,212) HB ****  WiaN7 62

Extremely interesting and informative and VERY fun to read while watching Die Hard 1. (Thanks Trisha!!)

Sheltered Content Instruction / Echevarria & Graves (2010,126) ***** 61

A useful and thoughtful text book that I will use in the future. Great class with a pushy too-enthusiastic instructor. (yep, got an A.)

November 2014
A Sudden Light / Garth Stein (2014,400) ** 60

Sadly disappointing after the love affair I had with The Art of Racing in the Rain.

All the Light We Cannot See / Anthony Doerr (2014,16 hrs) Audio/WS Bookclub **** 59

Beautifully written, thought-provoking and many characters to cheer for. (Had what A Sudden Light lacked.) Almost inspires me to want to read something by Jules Verne. (not.)

September 2014 
Pecan Pie and Deadly Lies / Nancy Naigle *** (2013,276) eBk 55

Pie! Murder! Deception! It was sweet. (snort! um, it was OK.)

August 2014
Wish Her Safe at Home / Stephen Benatar ***+ (1982,263) 54

For bookclub, upon my rec. I thought it lovely-crazy. But also didn’t quite live up to my high expectations. A creepy happy-manic, “Uh oh, this aint gonna end well”, amusing yet sad story. Certainly something different! My club mostly didn’t like it, but I missed that meeting due to house-hunting madness, so I could be wrong.

June 2014 (8/1645,24’34”)
James and the Giant Peach / Roald Dahl (1961,126) *** 47

A children’s book that I read because I was traveling and (doh!) forgot to bring my iPad nor any books! This was on the shelf at my host’s house and I read it fast and wanted to count it. (I also stole East of Eden from her shelf and took it with me. I think (maybe? OH NO! I can’t remember!), I *think* I gave EoE back to her..) I think this might be my first Dahl book.

Well, then – that’s all right.



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21 thoughts on “Tiny Mini-Reviews of 2014 Reads

  1. i love how you were able to get so much relayed in just a few short words! My take-away is that All the Light We Cannot See needs to go at the top of my stack to read and I can mark Bag of Bones off my list for the coveted 2nd book I’ve ever read by Stephen King. . .11-22-63 being my first which was THE favorite book 2 years in a row

    1. This post was remarkable quick to write, too. Glad you enjoyed it. I wish I could recommend your second King… I might say Doctor Sleep but you might need The Shining first and that wasn’t as good, imho. The Stand and IT might be too long to suggest. Perhaps his short stories – for The Shawshank Redemption? They say Green Mile isn’t too “horror”-iffic, so maybe that. I want to read Misery next. You might try On Writing just because it is really really good; nonfiction.

  2. I love these tiny mini reviews! I think I might borrow the idea from you, because I intend to read massive amounts of books this year (truly, yes! I’m very motivated) but I really don’t like writing reviews because I can usually only think of a few things to say (I don’t know why, when I’m so verbose about any other topic under the sun). These tiny reviews are perfect!

    And oh! your first Dahl book? Did you like it? I couldn’t tell whether you liked it or not. I would recommend The Witches – I just did a reread with my son and I have it in audio and have done several re-listens as well in the past three years or so. And if you get a chance, watch the movie with Angelica Huston. Scary in such a lovely way! And I reread Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so many times when I was a kid (but not recently) so I have very fond memories of that as well.

    1. I try to think what I would say if I just met you and you wanted me to honestly describe what I thought. Yaknow, like in a casual conversation…
      I really don’t remember what I thought about the James and the Peach book! It wasn’t earth-shattering amazing but it didn’t suck?

  3. aartichapati

    Oh, bummer! I really loved Wish Her Safe at Home. It was my top read of a few years ago. I should have crashed your book club and told them all the many reasons that it was so good 🙂

  4. Aha! Well then, that’s alright! Though “Ayuh” was used A LOT in Bag of Bones. I didn’t find it scary either–though the actual part with the bag of bones was a bit icky. I do hope to write a real post soon…but I’m finding I don’t have MUCH to say. Wasn’t blown away by this one.

  5. Your first EVER Dahl book, really? Did you like it? It was the first Dahl book I ever read too, I think, way back when I was a seven-year-old tot. Matilda’s the other really wondrous one, and the one that’s good for a bookish kid (or adult). Read that one too!

    1. I have little recollection of the books I read as a kid. Very sad. And I didn’t seem to write down any titles I devoured – even through HS, so it all has to be my poor memory. I know my Honors English classes had us reading a book a week – and they had to be approved. I snuck in a Danielle Steele and got scolded. ha! THAT I remember…

      James and the Peach was just fine. I do know of Matilda. Maybe I did read that.

    1. Darn – hope what I didn’t say spoiled anything? Maybe you will like it? I missed that book club meeting so I don’t know what anyone else thought of it.

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