I’ve been told I’m over-thinking and stressing myself out. So, how’s this?

Philosophy of Education

I believe that everyone deserves access to quality education.

I believe the best teachers are guides to awaken a love for learning, to inspire passion for ideas and possibilities and to challenge each student to find the best within to strive for more.

I believe all individuals have talents and qualities waiting to be discovered and great education provides the keys to discover these possibilities.

The purpose of education is to provide the tools and knowledge sets to be productive in the economy, the community and in relationships. A quality education increases knowledge about the world and an individual’s role within that world.

My role as an educator is to recognize and respect each student’s capabilities and talents, to provide tools to develop these talents and inspire students to continue on a path to share their talents for the greater good.


4 thoughts on “Philosophies

  1. It’s good to be so passionate about what you do! I think education is one of those fields that inspires ‘overthinking and making yourself crazy’, but it comes from a good place. 🙂

    1. yay! and yikes? Just saw a FB humiliation by a gang of thug-parents persecuting a substitute teacher for outing that Santa aint real. “Heads will roll” etc. So SAD. Makes me wonder, WTF am I getting into. PERSPECTIVE people!

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