Just my crazy style cuz I just want. this. done. (and want validation! ha)

To Whom It May Concern:

This Capstone Digital Portfolio is evidence of the work I have accomplished in the last two years and a sample of the profound and exciting opportunities that await me in my new career in Education.

Prior to embarking on the certification process to teach Technology and learn Instructional Design, I was a professional volunteer and part-time substitute teacher. After being asked to accept a long-term assignment at the High School covering for one of the Technology Instructors and being quite humbled and challenged, I found myself working and breathing the life of “Teacher”. I was not prepared; I was overwhelmed; but I caught the bug. I was enthralled by the chance to make a difference and have an impact. The smile on the face of a student who grasps a challenging concept — that “aha!” moment — was the kind of smile I wanted to see more of.

I enrolled at Bridgewater State University’s Post-Baccalaureate Program for Instructional Technology Certification beginning Fall 2013. I threw myself into the learning full force. I had fun with it and I tried everything – exploring apps and social media platforms and signing up for educational newsletters with abandon. I discovered that I had no idea how to pronounce ‘pedagogy’ – something, to be honest, is actually not easily discoverable in an online learning environment until you listen to a podcast.

Now after embracing and enthusiastically endorsing Dr. TN.’s CLAC – Collaborative Learning Accountability Chart and having studied Instructional Theory to Technology Policy, I am ready to share my knowledge, thoroughly investigate emerging technologies and roll up my sleeves and work with students of all ages. I have most experience with High School – and Seniors over the age of 85 by way of my volunteering at a nursing home to teach email and Facebook – but also love working with the youngest and most eager students, the Kindergarteners and early elementary children. I have been able to work with every group in my Student Teaching Practicum and have conquered the unknown. I am ready for more.

I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my Educational IT Journey.




12 thoughts on “Just my crazy style cuz I just want. this. done. (and want validation! ha)

  1. Diane Prakop

    Congratulations and Good Luck Care. I know first-hand that you’ll be a great teacher. NC is lucky to have you! Miss you!

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Congratulations! Hope you won’t leave the book blog behind completely so we can keep up with you! You’re going to be a great teacher! One of my daughters got the calling, too, and is leaving her publishing job to enter a teaching program in NYC. Good luck!!!! (Unfortunately, school systems are probably looking for a more staid, stodgy form of cover letter, I would guess, but who knows?)

  3. Use it! Don’t make it sterile and professional and numb. Well, if you’re worried, you can professionalize it up a bit at beginning and end without losing any of the voice in the middle.

    1. ha! I thought the first para WAS the most professional part! I just gotta get this done. I’m at the ‘whatever’ stage of this process. I’ll be much more ‘boring’ on my actual job application that I also hope to finish today…

  4. aartichapati

    What a wonderful journey, Care! I’m so happy for you 🙂 I agree with Jeanne on keeping the personality in there. I would also check with some people in the teaching world that you are applying to – at least in the business world, I think people don’t really read cover letters that often. So you might as well write one that makes you feel good and confident!

  5. Now you can move to California and work with me. I work in Communications but right down the hall from me is Instructional Technology and I work with them frequently.

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