Preview: All the Light We Cannot See

Preview:  atlwcsbyad by Anthony Doerr, Scribner 2014, HB 531 pages, WhisperSync:

Our book club chose this for November’s read and I am so hoping I can carve some time out to get it read before Nov 18. But this is my stomach-clenching sweat-producing finger-chilling anxiety-producing month of finishing up grad school. OK – QUITcher BITCHin’.

I know I saw Joann of Lakeside Musing speak highly of this and I am covering my bases by buying both the Kindle AND audiobook version. We’ll see.

Thought I would share since I kinda miss my blog…  Thanks! (Back to my ELL Google Drive Lesson Plan for Middle Schoolers….)


PS…  Here’s my view today. I am studying at the Middleboro Library: mdbolibr I think I should make it my header photo.


11 thoughts on “Preview: All the Light We Cannot See

  1. Unsurprisingly, cave-dwelling me, has never even heard of this book. But I had to pop in and say, “HI CARE! I’VE BEEN MISSING YOU!!! GOOD LUCK FINISHING UP SCHOOL!!!” Of course you don’t really need luck, so what I really mean is more like, “MAY YOUR FINAL STRETCH OF SCHOOL GO SMOOTHLY AND QUICKLY!!!” *many happy hugs*

  2. Huggggggggggggggggggggggs!!!! I miss you, too, and hope that your end of school stuff goes swimmingly. Do you finish this month? So that next month you can Bag of Bones with us??

  3. I am sure you are out of your mind stressed with all that is going on but you still have your sense of humor, and that’s saying something.

    I want to read this book. Someday.

  4. Am commenting on my own blog to give my review rather that do another post. I gave this 4 stars. I did like it for the beautiful writing and the wonderful characters and I am still trying to identify what was missing or flawed that made me withhold a 5 star. So let’s call it 4 1/2? I listened to the audio for most of it which is good for foreign name pronunciations and I thought the narrator did an excellent performance. And I liked that some mysteries get solved and wrapped up while others only confound more! Good story, well told.

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