The Vacationers

Thoughts tvbyes by Emma Straub,Riverhead Hardcover 2014, 292 pages

Audiobook narrated by Kristen Sieh  tvanbyks 6 hours, 39 minutes

For IRL Book Club.

What’s it ABOUT: a dysfunctional family goes on vacation for two weeks in Mallorca Spain.

mallorca Image from Links to more google images…

Read Meg’s thoughts – I agree with her 100%, though I gave it 3 stars for that middle of the road, oh well, it was “OK”. The narration was quite good.

Performance Rating: 4 slices of pie, Story Rating: 2 slices of pie,        OVERALL RATING: 3 slices of pie.

Peace out.


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11 thoughts on “The Vacationers

  1. Oh, too bad! I liked The Vacationers a lot, but haven’t read Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures. I like to read about snarky, stuck-up New Yorkers, but I guess some people don’t! 😉

    1. Very few characters to like. Rather stereotypical. Not bad writing, though. The teen was drawn well, as far as what I think a teenager might be like. Not bad, but not a lasting book, if you know what I mean. And really, it is a tough call to go head to head with The Count of Monte Cristo which has been fabulous story (but horrible narration – though he has grown on me in an affectionate way. HAVE TO to put up with 60 hours, huh?!)

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