Books in the House

I thought I posted this! Oooops. I’m going through my post drafts.


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – FINALLY. And links well to my Bryson A Walk in the Woods (doh – hiking.)

James and the Giant Peach – gift from a friend, read and probably won’t review

Out of My Mind by Sharon M Draper – YA, loaned by a friend

Michael Chabon’s Pulitzer Winner The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay – Thanks Fizzy! I’m a bit intimidated, actually.

Home by Marilynn Robinson, because I was so impressed with Gilead. Purchased at an Independent Book Store Bargain Shelf “Previously Read”.

East of Eden – Readalong!!!

The Secret Life of Violet Grant – selected solely on loving the name/color Violet.


More random stuff about books and reading:

I have pushed on with my audiobook of The Count of Monte Cristo and despite the. halting. odd intonations. of. the narrATOR! I am quite swept up in the story and even dreamed about Royalist vs Bonapartist ideology. Yikes, right?

“Oh the heartless scoundrels!  … Is the world filled with tigers and crocodiles?!”

I downloaded the audiobook for East of Eden. Ready to go!

A long time ago which I failed to note with my not quite established habit to secure a post-it note in the front cover of books loaned to me, MBR gave me Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods. I have dipped into it often but it never ‘took’. Finally, I left it at the treadmill and have been regularly reading as I walk the Weight Loss 2 setting (30 minutes, ~1.72 miles) and now I’m on a push to finish the damn thing. I’m on to the Massachusetts chapter, about 25% remains. Though I have heard it is SO FUNNY, I’m actually finding it quite sad. The Park Service has limited funds or misuses it, the aphids are eating the hemlocks, unsolved brutal murders…  I have no ambitions to hike the AT but I am inspired to visit Mt. Greylock in Mass.

Side note: yesterday, I read about his visit to Harper’s Ferry and, of course, the name John Brown was mentioned. That is more motivation or a clue to get McBride’s The Good Lord Bird. (If any of my family is reading this, think Christmas present.)

School started two days ago. I will be alternating between feeling successful that I finished a project on time and stressing about doing such  — over the next four weeks. Right now I’m on the happy side of that pendulum. I have nothing due for two days and it is only commenting/responding. I suppose I should read what will come after that…

I got me a new laptop! A Microsoft Lenovo ThinkPad just so I can practice on this style – nothing more embarrassing than to sit at somebody’s computer and not know how to work that crazy mouse. I need to be fluent in all kinds computers for my job. I’m excited to play with it. I will create a nutty picture doing my homework surrounded by a Macbook, a ThinkPad, two iPads and an iPhone just to search the internet. I’m SO prepared. Bring it on.

Also yesterday (yesterday was a kick ass day overall – did lots of good things), I read on Iris’ blog that she has exceeded the 100 book count on the list of 1001 Books to Read Before You Die and it occurred to me that I didn’t know MY count. According to my shelf in goodreads, I’m at 50. But that might not be all on the READ shelf, so I am astonished at 100+. Way to go!

OK, this was supposed to be a short update post. Gotta run.



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30 thoughts on “Books in the House

    1. I’m resolving not to let it get to me, to remember that learning is fun, etc. And to be ahead of the game at ALL times. But somehow, it all scares me.

  1. Did you have to show my how LONG East of Eden is??! I’m in denial as long as I’m reading it on my kindle. And speaking of long books, I’m up for Kavalier and Clay, too–have had that one on my TBR for far too long. Hope you’re doing well, Care!

    1. Oh good. Can I say you have given me permission to shorten it to Kav and Clay? cool.
      You’ve started EoE? I guess I probably should before school swooops me away.

  2. Was this the first time you’ve ever read James and the Giant Peach? I am curious what it would be like to read it as an adult — loved it as a kid, but I expect the experience of reading it is pretty different now.

    1. Yes, my first experience. And I hadn’t seen the movie (or is it a cartoon?) It was good. I don’t quite know how to judge books like this.

    1. I know, I know. I can’t believe it has taken me this long. (and I still don’t know when I will start it but at least it is in the house.)

  3. Which version of the 1001 books list do you have? The latest version I have is 2008 and I think I’ve read 93–though I’m not sure if that also includes the books they removed from the original list. How can we ever read them ALL if they keep changing the list!!!

    East of Eden! I have the paperback copy but last night I also downloaded the ebook so that I can read it easily in bed. I’m all about ease these days.

    Good luck with school sweet lady!

    1. THAT is the trick question, right? I have a printed copy that is years old and I have a saved doc on my computer somewhere and I often just google to look for it – so yea. The list is a moving target but once on any list and I have read it, I count it. What eveh.

  4. Walk in the Woods is funny because of Katz. The movie will be really interesting. I actually took up hiking after reading the book the first time.

    1. Yes, Katz was great. Hiking is only good to read about. I have a friend who wants to hike up Mt.Washington next month and I am thinking I will have them drop me off at the train ride to the top instead.

  5. litandlife

    Oh don’t be intimidated by the Chabon – it is so good! He’s just an amazing writer. You’ll have to get a picture with all of your electronics – then I won’t feel bad about sitting at my computer with my iPad, Nook and iPhone!

    1. Oh good. I’m not sure why I have an impression about this book being something I won’t relate to.

      I’ll see if I can take such a photo.

  6. I love some of those books you just got! I still haven’t read Hitchhiker’s Guide though I started it a few years back. I remember saying something about wanting to settle into ideal conditions before reading it because I was between a few other books at the same time.

  7. What a lot of news, Care. I hope you’re enjoying your new computer – it sounds like you do! I wonder how long my laptop will still last. I’m a bit worried. I’ve bee backing up things once a week (just the new files) but may increase that frequency…

    I tried Home but couldn’t get into it. I loved A Walk In the Woods. Glad you’re getting somewhere with it, but what a pity you found it so slow going.

    1. Hi Judith! bizzy-bizzy, I certainly am. I am LOVING East of Eden which I was very unsure about – altho one good reason is that it is a great contrast/escape from my homework. Books get better when you have other things to get away from?

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