Readalong for July/Aug 14


This is what I am going to attempt soon. I have the big thick tradeback version shown here: eoebyjs Penguin’s Centennial edition, 600+ pages, pub’d in 2002 (which doesn’t make sense to me since it has been 50 years not 100 years since original publishing date) which I have borrowed from my friend Marsha. I am also going to Audiobook this.

I have avoided this book a long time but many of you booknuts say it is awesome. I just read too much Steinbeck in High School.
Will there be SYMBOLISM in this?  Don’t tell me, I’ll wiki it after I finish…

Don’t tell me anything! I really don’t know anything about this. Although I’m already thinking it is about brothers and probably brothers up to no good? to each other?  Way to go, Readalong Button.


That spoilery button above links to The Estella Society, host of said readalong. The book cover links to goodreads.

I forgot to note the Twitter hashtag. I’m sure I’ll figure it out by then.



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9 thoughts on “Readalong for July/Aug 14

  1. I actually liked it, despite it’s status as a classic. 1) Because Cathy is a total BITCH (if I could make it flash in red, I would, because she is that much of a bitch) and 2) it’s set in my ‘hood! Well, two hours north of my ‘hood, which out here in CA means Steinbeck and I are neighbors (or we would be if he was still alive and living in CA).
    There’s a Steinbeck Center in Salinas. All you readalongers should plan a visit, then you could visit me!

    1. Is this a spoiler?!??!?!?
      I would love to visit. ONLY if I like the book, tho. I’m not optimistic. Btw, I started the Count of Monte Cristo today. The audio. It is 57+ hours long. And the narrator sucks.

  2. Meeeee tooooo! I’m actually halfway through it (from a few months ago) but will probably need to start it over again. The first half was pretty good! Just got pulled away for book club books. But now we’re reading this for book club, so there.

    1. Whoa – NO WAY would my book club choose a 600+ chunkster! Good for them. So you are NOT going to audio this?

      I will be putting aside The Count of Monte Cristo soon and for how long is anyone’s guess.

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