Summer Reading REQUIRED

My High School has published the Summer Reading Lists. Prior to this year, only one book was required. They are now providing choices for each grade level.

I have read the BOLD titles (only 11 of 26!), ITALICIZED the ones I don’t know know anything about (and am shocked and appalled by this, so guess what? I need to read these before school starts in August), and have just started the audiobook of the title in blue. The titles in red are ones I know of but just haven’t read yet.

How many of these have you read?

Secret Life of Bees
Sarah’s Key
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
Ellen Foster
Maus I
My Sister’s Keeper
The Alchemist
This Boys Life (author not given, assuming Tobias Wolf?)

I am Malala
The Book Thief
The Help
The Silence of Our Friends
The Color of Water

Into the Wild
Glass Castle
We Were the Mulvaney’s
Snow Falling on Cedars
Bean Trees

Sold  (<–no idea which author…)
Brave New World
V is for Vendetta
The OxBow Incident
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
The Submission (should I assume this is the Amy Waldman? which I *HAVE* heard of now that I look it up…)

Which should I begin next? I think I will read The Color of Water by James McBride since I have it in the house ready to go.

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32 thoughts on “Summer Reading REQUIRED

    1. Never in a million guesses would I have thought Barbara Kingsolver wrote this. Sometimes it really is amazing the titles that stick in the brain and ones that fly over and seem totally unfamiliar. SURELY I have seen this on a list somewhere?!

  1. These look like good lists! I am a big fan of The Bean Trees. I guess I read it pre-blogging, because I don’t see that I’ve ever written much about it except in passing, but I adore it. Warning note, though–the sequel to it, Pigs in Heaven, is as bad as The Bean Trees is good. At least I thought so; I found it preachy.

    1. OK, The Bean Trees will be on the soon-to-read list! I was very impressed with The Poisonwood Bible but never felt I needed to read anything else by her. But now I’m curious.

  2. I have only read 10 and even though I would like to read more, I am not sure how I will do that before August. Bean Trees is good and I also think you will enjoy Color of Water.

    1. Oh, hello. You have reminded me of the Estella Challenge for Summer Reading so do know that I will be reading the Kavalier and Somebody book after Jill sends it to me. Sigh. Did I see that you have GEEK LOVE on the soon list?!?! giddy with excitement for you! hee hee

    1. Last year, the whole school had to read Unbroken. I thought it ambitious but could also appeal to everyone – IF they bothered to read it. And I know parents who were upset that it was only available in hardback at the time. (is it still?)

  3. I’ve read 15 of them and am happy to see such a diverse list… certainly different from what my girls were given just a few years ago. The Submission must be Amy Waldman’s. Read that with my book club last fall – very thought-provoking.

    1. I was rather surprised to see We Were the Mulvaneys – I don’t recall much from reading it but I liked it. I don’t think I have ever heard of Ellen Foster but everyone seems to love it. Can’t wait to try it.

      1. I don’t recall that much either, just that I liked it. We Were the Mulvaneys and Ellen Foster were both ‘Oprah books’ – I read them back when I read Oprah books 🙂

        1. Nothing wrong with Oprah books; I just wasn’t aware of them at the time. Not sure WHAT I was doing but honestly, I didn’t read much in the 90s. (Do I even have the correct decade?)

  4. 9th grade: my list is identical to yours, except I haven’t started Caged Bird.
    10th grade: ditto
    11th grade: I’m ready for 11th grade since I’ve read them all. And I’ll be the lone hater on Bean Trees. I don’t have good luck with Kingsolver, since I loathed Poisonwood Bible, too.
    12th grade: again, just like you except I’ve read Brave New World and Hitchhiker’s Guide.
    So you’re not alone in books never heard of!

  5. I’ve read 12 of them. I’m a little perturbed that THE HELP is on the list, but not going to get into it here. ANYWAY, that’s a pretty good reading list.

    1. I wish I had a copy of the memo – it listed what each grade was required to write a paper on… The photo I attempted isn’t clear enough to read it all.

  6. What an interesting list! Ugh Into the Wild – I’m not Jon Krakauer’s biggest fan. But I LOVED The Bean Trees! You should read that one next 🙂

  7. litandlife

    I’m actually surprised to see some of those titles unless the intent is strictly to make the kids think about issues. Like “My Sister’s Keeper” or “Snow Falling On Cedars” neither of which I would consider terribly well written novels but both of which deal with some thought-provoking issues. I wonder what I would put on this kind of list that might be equally thought provoking and maybe a better book?

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  9. I love Bean Trees!! (Barbara Kingsolver right?) I might read that one along with you. I remember reading Ellen Foster years ago. I hope you enjoy your books.

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