Omnivore’s Dilemma

Thoughts odbymp by Michael Pollan, Penguin Audio 2006, ~16 hours

Narrated by Scott Brick.

  • National Book Critics Circle 2006 Award Finalist, Nonfiction

“Remarkably clearheaded book….A fascinating journey up and down the food chain.” (Publishers Weekly)

I had a brief and uninteresting post written for an attempt at a review of this book and then I reread Trish’s review from a year ago. I suggest you read that one because I agree with everything she says.

I do know people with secret mushroom foraging spots who are exactly as described in that section of the book. IMG_3025 (photo of mushroom garden art taken at TJ Maxx)


I am glad I can cross this off the tbr. I enjoyed listening to Mr. Brick narrate; I can see why he wins many awards for his audiobook work.


You have reached the end of this review, such as it is. This concludes my post.

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9 thoughts on “Omnivore’s Dilemma

  1. I’ve read another of Michael Pollan’s book and loved that one too. Scott Brick narrated that book as well and I loved his narration. Looks like this is one I will enjoy as well.

  2. I don’t think I’ve listened to anything narrated by Scott Brick before – will have to check out some of his audiobooks. I love mushrooms but I’d be so paranoid about actually foraging for them …

  3. I have another book by him but it had an aggressive tone to it that I wasn’t in the mood for at the time so I put it aside and… forgot about it.

  4. I read In Defense of Food a few years ago and thought he had some really good things to say, but I think any more Pollan might start to feel like I was being preached at.

  5. aartichapati

    I read The Botany of Desire and enjoyed it a lot, but I wonder if all these books maybe start to sound the same after a while. I do want to read Cooked, but I am not sure if the rest of his books would maybe sound similar to each other. I assume not as they were all published…

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