YAY! It’s June

Hello, I could write some reviews – I do have a backlog, but thought I would just type up some stuff to post and call it good.

I had a fabulous May of reading and am proud to say I read 10 books. Or read five and listened to five. Yikes! FIVE AUDIOBOOKS in ONE MONTH!? Well, whuddya know. Only TWO were print books and the rest eBooks.

That is 74 hours listened…   1864 pages read (if I read 60 pg/hr = ~31 hours).


In order of latest read:
Omnivore’s Dilemma / Michael Pollan (2006,16 hrs) **** Audio 39
A Good American / Alex George (2012,389) **** eB 38
A Survival Guide for Parenting Teens / Joani Geltman (2014,288) eB **** 37
We Were Liars / E.Lockhart (2014, 6’24”) Audio ** 36
The Yearling / Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings (1938,509) Classics/WiaN TB **** 35
Daughter of Smoke and Bone / Laini Taylor  (2011,12.5 hrs) Audio *** 34
The Delusions of Gender / Cordelia Fine (2010,338) NF eB **** 33
The Martian / Andy Weir (2012, 10’53”) *** Audio 32
Silver Sparrow / Tariya Jones (2011,340) TB ***** 31
The Sparrow/ Mary Doria Russell (1996, 15.5 hrs ) Audio, SciFi **** 30

Three were nonfiction. One was a READ-RIGHT-NOW-BEFORE-IT-GETS-SPOILED! which means I read it in the year published which is really a thing I’ve only recently been managing. I usually am not a bandwagon recently-released paying attention kind of reader. I did get in a few classics – The Yearling and what I assume will be a classic eventually, The Sparrow. Hey – both animals.

What is UP with The Yearling not being on the 1001 Books to Read Before You Die?!  Answer me, that.

I found many linking opportunities and coincidences in my readings this month; mostly associated with eating/nourishment/survival.

One fantasy. Two sciency / science fiction. Put Omnivore’s Dilemma in the ‘sciency’ category, too. Seven female authors, three male. Six were 4 star reads, one a 5 star because it suited ME perfectly. Two 3 star, and a two star that has been extremely highly rated elsewhere by smarter readers than me – but I let overhype/crazy-expectations get the better of the experience.

If you have ever read/reviewed The Fault in Our Stars, are you experiencing LOTS of traffic for that post? I am. In anticipation of the movie which I think is coming out this week. I know I am looking forward to it, too, but I will probably wait for it to be available for home-viewing.

I changed my header photo to a scene of an island in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island. Not sure which island, though.


Jill of Rhapsody Books has informed me that June 9 is Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day so I hope you all can benefit from this knowledge and on that day, have a pie celebration. Consider this advance notice and plan accordingly. IMG_2960 Thanks Jill for thinking of me!

I have enjoyed reading all the BEA posts though I have hesitated in commenting. Maybe I’m nostalgic. Maybe I want to go next year?


copleyl-1 June 15 is Lobster Day… photo-72 (Thanks Amy!)

And since, we started this post with the amazing announcement that I’ve been binge-ing on audiobooks, do know that I just downloaded Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes (released YESTERDAY, PEOPLE.) and Maya Angelou narrating her I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. Shame that her death is what is prompting me to finally get to this. RIP

I am currently listening to The Good Earth even though it is not due for our book club discussion until late July. Another Pulitzer winner, I am pleased to say.  Did I read somewhere that JUNE is actually Audiobook Month? Well, I will have a few reviews to add anyway.

Anything pie-related or any fun reading experiences happening with you? Do tell.


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28 thoughts on “YAY! It’s June

  1. Yes, I wrote about The Fault in Our Stars when the book first came out, and that post gets read more than almost any other I’ve ever written (although it’s far from one of my best).

    1. Your post is better than mine. ha! Actually, I’ve written worse reviews but who cares. Sadly, my visitors are not taking my advice to go read Nymeth’s review. I don’t think they are even reading my post; they visit, give a cursory glance and leave.

  2. I seem to recall a bunch of high school students asking me for help with their book review for Fault. I didn’t notice much of a spike in traffic but personal emails to me, yes.

    1. Whoa – I have never had any students ask me for help! Seems that most are looking to find a free online version of the book to read.

    1. I haven’t seen extra traffic exactly, but only that TFIOS seems to be the only reason anybody is stopping here these days. And, sadly, they are NOT clicking on to YOUR review like I say to so my selling job isn’t working. 😀

      Yes, Copley is ready for a trip. Maybe this weekend he will get out and see some new sights.

      1. Well, I stopped here, but not for TFIOS, so hah. 😀 I came to tell you I feel you on Liars (I commented via postcard) and yes, I still read your blog. Also, I didn’t realized you listened to The Sparrow (which I am so loving), and that I really should read I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, too. I’d say listen-along, but when are you starting? Before or after Mr Mercedes?

        1. I think I will start the Mercedes before the Caged Bird. But won’t be until next week what with my busy social calendar encroaching on my be-alone-and-listen time. AWESOME – a readalong by post??

  3. Looks like a wonderful May!

    I never reviewed The Fault in Our Stars, no. I read it! I started writing a post about it! But then I forgot to finish it, and by the time I remembered, it was way too late because I couldn’t remember one single thought I had had about the book while reading. Oh well!

  4. I’m jealous of all your audiobooking but now I can say that I listened to at least one in June and maybe more with our upcoming roadtrip! Though agreeing on what to listen to will be interesting. 😉

    I’m going to have to wait on We Were Liars. I hate knowing that a book has a twist and it’ll be all I would focus on. 😦 But I am putting The Sparrow on my “need to read soon” list

    Hope it’s a great summer for you! Will you be taking/teaching classes?

  5. I’m waiting for TFiOS to come out on DVD too so that I can cry at home and not in public :p You had quite the reading month! So many good books too! I’ve been on an audiobook kick too lately. I think I may listen to I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings as well….I heard an interview with her with Diane Rehm the other day…the day after she passed it was replayed on the Diane Rehm show and it reminded me of what an inspiration she was.

    You know I’ve never had strawberry rhubarb pie >_> I know…need to fix that….

    1. I think we will be waiting for the DVD for some time.
      I will look for that Diane Rehm show, thanks.
      I suggest you search out that pie – shouldn’t be too hard, should it? Might I have to do some sleuthing for you?

    1. YAY! You were able to comment!!! I wonder if that Yearling post had something wrong with it – only ONE person commented on that post which I thought rather odd.

  6. I read the Yearling when I was in Middle School, I think, and it just about killed me. I remember talking to my mom about it decades later, and her saying that reading it as an adult is an entirely different experience. You still feel for Jody II don’t remember how he spelled it), and of course the deer, but you have new insight into the plight for the parents. I haven’t had the guts to give it another go and find out for myself.

    Are you looking forward to the Belmont Stakes? I can’t wait!

  7. I have found that We Were Liars has been either LOVED or hated and I’m so curious to find out which camp I will live in! I have been itching to reread The Sparrow, but that book destroyed me and I just don’t know if I could reread it? But I want to! (Have I already told you this story? It feels like I’ve already told you this story.)

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