The Martian

Thoughts tmbyawa by Andy Weir, Audible Audio 2013 (orig 2012), 10 hours 53 minutes

Narrated by R.C. Bray.

Oh dear. How do I begin?

I really did enjoy this and was captivated by what was happening to our friend Mark Watney, Astronaut.

Astronaut … left behind on Mars!

His crewmates thought he had died and retrieving his body would have endangered everyone! So they were not aware that he survives. How could they? Poor guy. But WOW – what a resourceful motivated dude!  And funny. I enjoyed hanging out with him even as my eyes glazed over listening to him do the math. And I love math and science. I did admire the guy’s smarts – I just didn’t calculate along with him when he was doing the cipherin’.

The narration was quite good. The story overall is exciting and funny and tense and OMG!!!  Will he survive? (of course, he will, right?)

I liked it. I just didn’t like it as OMG-ohGOLLY!!! Rah Rah that I did with my previous reads and so the rating looks bad but only in comparison.

THREE slices-O-pie.

If you like sciency and humor-filled life-or-death adventure stories, READ THIS.

I know I would have given it four slices if I had read this after less stellar reads. Just sayin’. IT IS GOOD! You will likely enjoy it!! SMILES


I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to the MOVIE!!! Ridley Scott and Matt Damon? Sure.



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34 thoughts on “The Martian

        1. It made me feel guilty that I wasn’t trying to work out the math with him! And I would get distracted hoping that someone WAS trying to verify the math.

  1. I did this one in audio and am in the “OMG, love it!” camp, which kind of surprised me because just going by the blurb alone, it wasn’t something I would normally have picked up. But someone – Jill, I think – posted about it on Facebook and I saw a few people raving about how funny the audio was, so I picked it up. I laughed out loud several times. And I also said (“exclaimed”, really), “OH NO!” a few times, too. I don’t know if I would have liked it as much in print. I thought the narration was really really good!

    1. So many great books are getting movies! And yet, my husband and I can’t ever seem to find a movie to watch… Where ARE these movies I keep saying I want to see?

      1. Yes! I keep forgetting what it is that I want to watch! P.S. Thanks for friending Piper on Goodreads. She knows I love it when I receive one of your letters and wanted to friend you. 🙂

  2. I liked this one, too, and it was fun to read something a bit different. I didn’t know about the movie. Did you find it predictable? I didn’t find it as predictable as I thought I would, although I was pretty sure he’d survive after all that. What a bummer if he hadn’t.

    1. Maybe not predictable but I did get the sense it would end happy but boy do they ever have to overcome a LOT. LOVED the funny about shooting off Mars in a convertible/ragtop. Crazy!

  3. I got the ebook from the library and then realized it wasn’t the Kindle version. Took me forever to get it and it’s the wrong crappy version!!

    I got your postcard, BTW. Thanks so much for thinking of me. It was a sunny spot in my weekend for sure.

    1. Do you mean like, it was an iBook instead? I once got a free eBook of something and had to download a new app to read it and it wouldn’t work and it really rather bummed me for the book. That was probably years ago. I do think I should eventually just buy the Kindle version. I ‘get’ that the author was trying to avoid the big-bad-wolf-Amazon but, oh well.

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