Thoughts Winterson_2.indd Lighthousekeeping by Jeanette Winterson, Mariner Books 2004, 252 pages

This book has beautiful poetic language and is very atmospheric. The story is one of loss, more loss, unmooring loss and a story of stories.

Yet, it is hopeful and has some touching moments of surety and love.

A young girl is orphaned and finds herself apprenticed to the Lighthousekeeper. He has many stories, some too fantastical to believe but that is the point. All of life is a story. When the powers that be decide the lighthouse no longer needs a keeper, the girl is orphaned once again. She sets out to seek the stories.

“I have been trying to find out what reality is, so that I can touch it.”

Also, this might be historical fiction what with the side story of Robert Louis Stevenson and perhaps his inspiration of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Who ARE people, really?

I don’t even remember how it ends, in the end. I never seem to remember how books end! I think I’m afraid of endings, sometimes.

I am glad I read this in April, the month of poetry.

Four slices of pie. Four penny pork pies. And a lemonade.


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