The Wonder of Ordinary Magic


OK, so I read this book last month. Oops – like only last week?!? less than two weeks ago!?!  Characters very likable – I wanted MORE!  A bit of a punch to the gut at the end that I wasn’t quite expecting but which in hindsight made me think, “Oh yea. OK.” So, this was the tweet; it got a response from the author (Often a ‘cool thing’, especially when review is favorable) and that’s all I gots to say.

Back to my school work….

OK, maybe I will do my usual, but at the end instead of the beginning:

Thoughts… twoombyljd The Wonder of Ordinary Magic by Lilli Jolgren Day, 2011, 252 pages, ebook










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9 thoughts on “The Wonder of Ordinary Magic

  1. I love getting stuff from authors! I had one author tell me once that she never responded to reviews and stuff however because she didn’t want anyone to know she was looking at them even though she was! LOL

  2. I think it is so cool when authors engage readers on blogs or social media, but I’ve heard more than one author say they don’t do it because they are embarassed to be caught reading their own reviews!

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