Labor Day

Thoughts ldbyjm Labor Day by Joyce Maynard, Wm Morrow & Co 2009, 241 pages

I first heard about this book when the American Pie Association was promoting the movie due to a scene where Josh Brolin helps Kate Winslet and her movie son to make peach pie.

In the book, it was a good scene. I haven’t seen the movie yet.

It is interesting to me that the character Winslet plays here is quite the opposite of the one she plays in Divergent, her very next movie in not so much time. Yes? Anyone see both movies already?

In fact, the part she plays here isn’t typical of her. She usually plays strong and thoughtful women, agreed? The whole time reading this I pictured Kate starring at the wall with a confused look on her face…

OK, a middle school boy (forget his name) who often has to do all the shopping and errand-running because his single mother (let’s call her Kate)  has turned into an agoraphobic, meets a guy (here referred to as Josh) at the store and so, the boy plus his mom decide, “Sure, why not? Guy is bleeding but he needs a ride. We’ll take him home with us.”

Kate and Josh play a game called “kidnapped and kidnapper with tie-me-up for good measure” and boy thinks the guy is actually really cool. Even if he is escaped from prison. He was in prison for murder, but he can still be a nice guy.

It’s handy to have a guy around.

Kid unfortunately meets another whackadoodle kid and trusts her and her advice. He is a trusting kid.


Cops get wind of something not right at the house at the end of the lane, Josh is re-captured, boy grows up. TO be a CHEF!!!  (love this!)

Josh eventually does get out of jail, finds Kate again, they move to Maine and all is happy ever after.

True love prevails.

Rating:  Three stars. I’m rounding up. The pie scenes were great. Peach pie in August, who could resist that?

I would not mind the heat of late August right now, I’ve been so cold lately. READY for SUNSHINE.


A big thank you to Nancy for sending me this book cuz I begged her to. That’s the kind of great friend she is. I owe her a few books but I know she has plenty.


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15 thoughts on “Labor Day

    1. Lots of people liked this one and quite a few didn’t. I think it might be one of those love-it-hate-its. Be warned, though – and don’t blame me! but I hear the movie isn’t as good as the book. Ta da! They always say that, though, don’t they?

  1. I know that the author was on set to help with that pie making scene. That is just one more reason to see the movie. I have yet to see it myself, but the authors involvement with me makes me want to see it.

    1. I’m glad, I am. I know I likely presented a not as positive glowing review as — say, the one I did for Beautiful Ruins or Life After Life, but plenty of people did find this one an enjoyable read. I was only in it for the pie. oh well.

  2. Sandie lent me this book but thanks to review books I haven’t had a chance to read it yet. Isn’t it great when people are so awesome as to lend you books when they are done? These people rock.

  3. You’re welcome. You don’t owe me anything. I’m happy to share when I can.

    I loved the pie scene, too. It’s funny, on reflection I think the story is a little weird and implausible but when I read it I loved it. Right moment, I suppose.

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