The Sign of Four

Thoughts tsofbysacd The Sign of Four by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, BBC Digital 2012 (orig. 1890) 224 pages, eBook/Kindle

Classics Challenge | A Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

What’s it ABOUT: Missing treasure!

What did I NOT know before reading this? That our boy Sherlock is a drug addict? Huh.

What DID I know before reading this? That Robert Downey, Jr. plays Sherlock in the (very enjoyable) movies. Did the movies not explore the cocaine use or did I just miss that?

Sadly, for some reason, I didn’t envision RDJ when I was reading the Sherlock parts but I did see Jude Law as Watson.

I have never watched the BBC versions with the guys you see on the cover above.

I have recently seen pieces of The Hobbit starring Martin Freeman.

Because it was on HBO the other day.

I have only ever watched the other guy in one of the Star Trek movies.

I think he’s rather creepy looking.

I may never read another Sherlock Holmes book; it was only OK. I don’t think I am much of a mystery-thriller genre reader.

I thought this ended very abruptly.

I did love the chase scene with the dog.

RATING: Three slices of pie.

This concludes my attempt at a review.

Any questions?

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16 thoughts on “The Sign of Four

  1. I loved reading the Sherlock Holmes stories so much that I saved the last one for a few weeks, so I still had one more to look forward to for a while. So maybe you won’t react as I do, but I think the BBC Sherlock series with Benedict Cumberbatch is brilliant. I love it. We own the DVDs and watch them over and over.

  2. I’ve heard wonderful things about the BBC Sherlock show, but who has time for tv these days? I can’t currently remember the name, but I have read a modern Sherlockian book that was wonderful. Cumberbatch is creepy and sexy simultaneously to me.

  3. I can’t remember where I picked up the information that Sherlock Holmes is a drug addict. Maybe it’s mentioned in The Hound of the Baskervilles? If not, I must have picked it up from the ether, because I’ve never read a single Sherlock Holmes anything apart from that book!

  4. I haven’t given the books much thought and I guess, the movies aren’t all that appealing either since I have yet to see one. I love RDJ in most things but I have a hard time seeing him as Holmes.

  5. I recently read THE HOUSE OF THE BASKERVILLES and came away with kind of the same feeling of “it’s not really my cup of tea, but I can see why the people like them so much.” I think I will give another story or two a shot to see if one works for me better than the others. Maybe this one next, perhaps?

  6. You’ve just reminded me that I was gonna read more Sherlock stories. Last year. I think I read one. *facepalm* I am so easily distracted. Oh, look a shiny book over here and over there and over here and over…

  7. I read a couple Sherlock stories a long, long time ago and don’t recall anything about him being a drug addict. But, it’s been an awfully long time. Kiddo has read absolutely every Sherlock story and some of Doyle’s other works, as well. He’s my 19th-century lit addict.

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