Thoughts ven2bygh Venetia by Georgette Heyer (1958,375) **** 16 Kindle eBook

A delightful read! Very much fun. My second regency era romance of the year and my first ever book by Georgette Heyer. I blame thank Aarti for the recommendation. (<—- Read her insightful review.)

Venetia is a feisty girl with much to admire in her goals & aspirations, her wits and personality, and her worldview – despite her lack of travel experience. Golly, she’s never even been to London! She was wonderful to cheer for; she had courage and conviction.

Plot: Girl worthy of having her dreams come true, must manage the best she can because her Father wouldn’t let her do anything. He dies and she still can’t seem to get any opportunities. She has a few suitors but of course, they don’t suit her at all. THEN!  rascally neighbor returns home and she must actually talk with him despite how bad it looks for a young nice unbetrothed maiden to do so – it’s just not done! He has a very bad reputation for nasty carryings-on, etc and then some. THEN!!  She’s kicked out of her house by a most loathsome situation that was hells-bells wrong – her brother deserved a scolding but he never showed his face to take it. Lots of side stories and past histories of young men running off with older ladies that maybe should have warned me but I was still surprised all the way through, every little twist and turn. Saw it coming but certainly NOT how it played out. Very fun. To the authoress, Ms. Heyer, I say “well-done. Thank you.” I enjoyed this very much.

“Perhaps you have friends already who laugh when you do,’ she said diffidently. “I haven’t and it’s important, I think – more important than sympathy in affliction, which you might easily find in someone you positively disliked.’

‘But to share a sense of the ridiculous prohibits dislike – yes, that’s true. And rare! My God, how rare! Do they stare at you, our worthy neighbours, when you laugh?”

Rating:  Four slices of pie and lots and lots of real whipped cream. (licked off of the body part of your choosing. hey! this IS a romance after all. Just to see if anyone really reads these all the way through. Actually not quite that kind of bodice-ripper romance but the mention of such is joked about; again, to my surprise.)

I didn’t know anything about Heyer until fairly recently, thanks to enthusiastic book bloggers, of course. Do you enjoy a fun and witty romance, now and then? Anyone have another to recommend me?


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20 thoughts on “Venetia

  1. This sounds like it would be a fun read.

    The whipped cream comment at the end reminded me of my time at Marie Callender’s. I worked a 2nd job there to pay for college. Oh, the fun! Not.

    1. I really enjoyed working in a restaurant when I was HS/college. Certainly a different kind of education than what school teaches. Good to have those jobs to help decide what you really *should* do, don’t you think?

    1. I highly recommend this one as a first, even tho my research shows this to be one of her most unusual and later in her body of work. I could be wrong. I probably shouldn’t say all this without verification… Hmmm

  2. I can’t believe I wasn’t the one who talked you into reading Georgette Heyer. Bummeration. Glad you found her, though! The Foundling was one of my favorites but then pretty much every time I read a new GH, I decide it’s my new favorite.

    Bwah-ha! Whipped-cream licking. I love it.

    1. You might have, you just read SO MANY BOOKS that I’m never sure if it is the easy way just to blame you. 😛

      Btw, I finished Labor Day. It was only OK. Thanks again! Did you ever get to the movie?

      1. LOL Auto-blame. That works for me.

        I think I was just in the right mood for Labor Day when I read it. I’ve considered revising my rating at Goodreads but only because of the lack of plausibility; I did enjoy the book. Yes, my F2F group went to the movie. It was tremendously fun going with a group and then milling around, chatting about what we thought.

  3. It was thanks to book bloggers that I discovered Georgette Heyer too! So glad you enjoyed this. I’ve read a couple of them and they have all been delightful. Lady of Quality is one of my faves.

  4. trish422

    I appreciate any post that has body-part-licking mentioned. I haven’t read a book like this in quite awhile; might be time to get back on it.

  5. Can I recommend the audio version of this book if you ever plan to revisit this book. It is abridged but Richard Armitage narrates it and it is oh so good! Aural bliss!

  6. Yay! I am so glad that you read this and that I somehow managed to get you to read it through my review. I just went back to read my review, too, after your comment, and I DO love Venetia for being such a go-getter. How awesome. I loved that about her.

    I agree with Jenny that The Grand Sophy is also lovely. I also really love Cotillion. And The Black Sheep. And The Unknown Ajax.

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