Happy Pi Day 2014

Happy Pi Day 2014!  IMG_2784

I will make a pie later today, a Beef and Stout Pie* to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day/Weekend. Will you bake a pie? How about eat a slice?

Here’s the photo story of the Grape and Peanut Butter Pie which I dedicate to Rhapsody Jill since she is the ultimate inspiration. She is always sending me pie recipes and I had told her months ago that I wanted to try an idea I had about creating my own Peanut Butter & Jelly concoction in pie form.

My idea was to bake the bottom layer as a traditional double-crust grape pie. I halved the amounts so that I would have room  to add more layers. I have made and loved this Grape Pie many times (click on the photo below of the sliced-in-half grapes in the crust and it will take you to the recipe), though for some reason, this time the red grapes didn’t turn as purple as they did the last time I made this recipe. Maybe a different variety…


Then I borrowed the peanut butter layer from another recipe, mixing PB with cream cheese and a few other things (milk, more sugar) and spreading it as you see here: IMG_2782 and then topping all this with a real whipped cream. Adding some delicately sliced grapes for garnish.


But the best news yet is this! IMG_2799 Beth Howard’s soon-to-be available book of pie HOW-TOs and recipes and good no-fuss advice arrived on my doorstep last night. I can’t wait to dig in and try her crust technique and abide by her “there-are-no-rules!”** tips and tricks. I loved her memoir, Making Piece, which you can read about by clicking this sentence. Clicking on this photo of her new book will take you to goodreads.com where you can access options for getting your own copy.

Celebrate Pi Day with PIE!  and tell me all about it. I hope it is pie-riffic.

Oh, I just started reading Labor Day because I know about the pie scene…



* Beef and Stout Pie from Never Enough Thyme when Lana’s Cooking blog.

** The only real rule is to try not over work the dough.


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17 thoughts on “Happy Pi Day 2014

    1. A pie that requires a tiny piece for maximum enjoyment. It wasn’t that it was too sweet, maybe too rich, very thick, super good but… as the Hub called it “A PIE BOMB”. Imagine a big bite of pb and jelly on white bread when you know the bite was too big? I think it captured the essence well. Husband thought a graham cracker crust would have been better but I disagree. Overall, a 4 out of 5 on pie rating, I think. Maybe 3.5.

  1. I must say, I have never heard of grape pie. Grapes, at least here in California, are not sweet enough. I can’t imagine them in a pie. They’d be too bitter.

    But your mention of a beef pie has me licking my chops!! I still can’t find an adequate gluten free crust recipe so pie is not something I get to have often, at least, not as it’s meant to be eaten. Pie without a crust is not pie!

    1. I have had a GF crust turn out great and another time, different pie but what I thought was same GF recipe for crust and not-so-good. I will try the all rice flour one in Beth Howard’s book and let you know. I have a very good friend that I bake GF pies for. SHe always says they are good (and better, she doesn’t get sick!) Problem is I keep poor records. I have so many GF flour options in the house, I need to get baking or they will need to be tossed soon. eek.

  2. Happy Pie Day, Care. Make the most of it! Your pie looks delicious, I can almost taste it from here. 🙂

    It’s book group tonight, so I’m hoping someone will bring some kind of pie.

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