They Called Her Styrene

Thoughts tchsbyer by Ed Ruscha, Phaidon Press 2000, 608 pages

This book was in our suite at the Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas. The place had another coffee table book called 30,000 Years of Art. I wish I could have had more time there to read that one, too. Nice place; I recommend it.

IMG_2762 So, what Mr. Ruscha does and is known for, is taking a word or phrase and making it art. I photo’d a few that caught my eye.

I don’t think I realized it, but I seem to have chosen words with a science-y theme.IMG_2764

IMG_2765 IDLE  and THE QUESTION – not sure why this amused me. Maybe because I was on vacation.

I was really hoping to run into a page that said PIE. Had to settle for this: IMG_2766

You can imagine this didn’t take me long to read. AND since it was Vegas, I had an incredible view of the Bellagio fountains and the Eiffel Tower, and the book was ART – thus, how cultured am I? — had to give this the coveted FIVE SLICER. Five beautiful slices of Banana Cream Pie. Because… well, because pudding.

The view:IMG_2743 (ignore the rooftops and parking lots! I never seemed to have my camera when the fountains were playing.)

IMG_2763 “Sometimes found words are the most pure because they have nothing to do with you. I take things as I find them.  A lot of these things come from the noise of everyday life.”   – Ed Ruscha

MORE INFORMATION ABOUT ED RUSCHA provided by this link to Wikipedia.


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5 thoughts on “They Called Her Styrene

  1. Vegas can be fun but I always have to stay at a non-smoking hotel. I cannot stand the casinos with their wine barrel smell and the smoke haze that envelops them.

    1. Oh I get that, I do! Actually, I thought the Cosmo was one of the least casino-y of the hotels I’m familiar with. We rarely went through the first floor and the 2nd and 3rd floors (no slots/tables) were pleasantly almost-smoke-free. But yea, the smoke was there.

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