Green Grass of March

I’m back. I’m suffering from a wee spot of jet lag. I didn’t think I would succumb to its insidiousness but I feel so vaguely distractedly slow. Like I’m tired or something. So weird.

Green grass wins. This is actually a shot from the marshlands of Race Point near Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I think it was in July. My brother and his wife were visiting and I was not getting along with my brother. At all. That is what I was thinking and what this photo reminds me of. He was so dang annoying, as brothers can be. We usually get along.


Thanks everyone for voting! Will be back to post a book review eventually, I hope. I also want to share all the connections I’ve encountered in my reading. Like (TEASER?!) the area of England that Georgette Heyer has set Venetia is near York and Thirsk. This is similar to the setting of The Radleys by Matt Haig.

Happy March! Pi Day is the 14th…


13 thoughts on “Green Grass of March

  1. I can’t wait to see green grass! Our Bradford Pears started to bloom last week but I think the ice storm we had wiped them out and we’ll miss the “popcorn trees” this year. SO bummed.

    I hope you’ll share some pictures from the trip! Rest up.

  2. litandlife

    I’m surprised you gave us the option to choose a picture that reminded you of a rough time with your brother but it is a lovely picture!

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