Unplugged Notice


This blog has been temporarily suspended. Normal activity will resume at a later currently undecided time. While waiting for the following reviews to be written-posted, please vote for which header photo you might like to see for March. Assuming, of course, said blogger emerges from vacation/school/other categories of time-sucks that take her away from all of you lovelies…

Note: LetterMO still underway and in process every day mail posts in February.

Reviews requiring posting in that uncertain future:

The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield – Classics Challenge

Movie(s) Reviews of Brideshead Revisited – Classics Challenge

Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut (reread)

Kate Winslet narrated audiobook: Therese Raquin by Emile Zola  – Classics Challenge


(It is highly likely that other books will be read before Care comes back to here. Possibly The Radleys, a Sherlock Holmes, Venetia (a Georgette Heyer!), Three Men in a Boat – all eBooks. Print books in contention: My Antonia and Sister Carrie, smallish paperbacks (with extremely tiny print!)

OK, now for the photos:

Screen shot 2014-02-15 at 2.07.20 PM Esther & Oscar

IMG_0112 Boat Art…

photo-40 Tulips – Get ready for Spring!

cropped-img_2366.jpg Windy Green Grasses

Just leave a comment; not really motivated to create a poll… You may also ask my any questions about my reading, or say whatever. It’s a free for all. I’m leaning towards this last photo. I always think of March as GREEN, don’t you?  February is pink, April is white or candy striped with pastels. May is royal blue; June is orange, a bright shiny cheery happy orange.

Bye! Later!!



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31 thoughts on “Unplugged Notice

  1. litandlife

    Love the green grass – don’t you imagine it’s what Nebraska and Kansas looked like before the land got turned into farms? Love to hear your thoughts about Brideshead. Thanks for the postcard!

    1. So thankful that we didn’t come home to much snow. But yea, my yard is dead-looking grass and has a few ‘land mines’ that had been buried in snow and now visible. On my to-do list to clean up.

  2. Have a wonderful unplugging! I’d like to know what color August is. Since it’s my birthday month and all. I vote for the tulips but the grass is nice, too. And I want to know what you thought of Slaughterhouse Five since it’s on my READ ME list. Tootles!!

  3. If you pick the tulips, you can leave them up all the way through May! The green grass is nice, too; actually they’re all nice in their own ways, so I’m good with any one of them! After you read Three Men in a Boat, you’ll have to add Connie Willis’ To Say Nothing of the Dog to your list!

  4. I am partial to the pups but the grass would be my second choice. It’s not green here and probably won’t be this year, which is depressing. We are expecting a HUGE rain storm this Friday, that means, 1-2 inches. Smirk. Not even enough to water my thirsty plants.

    By the way. I did receive the postcard you sent but I didn’t see it until just a little while ago because it came during production week and my daughter put it in a pile of mail but left it with her school work.

    1. I did enjoy my time away and really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments. I don’t know why I didn’t think about at least writing a few reviews, though. oh well…

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