Me Before You

Thoughts mbybyjm Me Before You by JoJo Moyes, 2012, 369 pages

File this one under Books that Made Me Cry.

For my book club, The BOOKIES.

Oh, just go read Jill’s review because I just read it and have been sitting here for too many minutes now and still can’t think of anything to say.

Four and half slices of pie.

Anybody want to plan a book blogger retreat here?


Trou d’Eau Douce Bay Mauritius

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28 thoughts on “Me Before You

  1. Books like these are hard to write about! But this one made me sob, too. In Starbucks. I was getting some pretty strange looks but I just kept on sobbing. So good. Glad you liked it, too. And is five slices of pie the most? For some reason I thought four was!!

    1. Yep, a FIVE SLICER is OMG-Awesomenesssauce. I try to keep my pie slices in line with goodreads’ stars. This wasn’t quite a 5 but darn close. I wish I could have written more – especially since I hope we have a good discussion at club…

    1. She seems to be popular. And has written enough for a good gauge, perhaps. I’m not a good person to ask – I often have only read one book by any author!

  2. My book blub, The Bookies (no kidding – same name) just read this one and we discussed it this past Tuesday… my book club review and my person review are up. Did I know our book clubs had the same name? I probably did and forgot 🙂

    1. Yea, maybe. I don’t think the HUB wants to go, though… Hmmm. I am, however, wondering if our boat would make it to the Azores. Wanna go there? I hear it is BYOooooootiful.

    1. I noted which page (129) the water-works started! Actually, my crying let up from that point. But I do agree with Jill’s “Feel all the feelings” quote.

  3. I loved this book and boy did it make me cry. So glad you read it! I recently finished The Last Letter From Your Lover and it was pretty good but didn’t quite hit me like this one.

    1. Sobbing over a book just feels so good sometimes. Will take your advice! (Also, I see you are reading Boys in the Boat – I started the audio but put it aside. Too much like Unbroken right now. I need distance.)

  4. This is definitely one of those books that I feel I HAVE to read. My book club did not choose it when it was pitched last month. They heard romance, and immediately shot it down. I have to say, this is the only book out of the ones she’s written that I’d consider reading. All of her older books are being republished now that this one did so well but none of them appeal to me.

    1. LOL – that’s OK. Different books for different folks. This is exactly the kind of book my club likes. I think. They do surprise me at times and I hope we have a good discussion on Friday.

  5. I am looking forward to this one, despite the crying part. I hate to FEEL ALL THOSE FEELINGS 🙂 But I love The Girl You Left behind so much that I need to readthis one. Everyone seems to love it.

  6. I love seeing so many people discovering how awesome this book is. I have read a few of her books now. I loved Last Letter From Your Lover, liked The Girl You Left Behind and Ship of Brides a lot but didn’t care for Night Music. I have a couple more here to read at some point too, including the newest one which is out here in a couple of weeks.

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