Brown Sugar Buttermilk Pie

Yesterday was National Pie Day. I made a pie from this book:  ayofpbyae   and though it says it is from a food blog called, the only online place I found the recipe was at a blog called Baxter and Main. Links provided; click away.

Here are the photos I took of the process, because Judith asked me to and I am oh-so-happy to oblige:

A few ingredients.
A few ingredients.
Flour sifter.
Flour sifter.

This is my favorite pastry tool. Whoops! It’s actually called a FLOUR WAND.

Pies before baking.
Pies before baking.

So, it happened that I made quite a few mini-pie shells; three of the 5-6″ pottery pie plates and three ramekins. But I didn’t have enough of the ‘goo’ to pour into all of them. But that was OK because on Sunday, I made a meat pie and had mixture left over so I just made a few mini-meats and all is good.

IMG_2572  Final product. OH SO YUMMY!  As custard pies usually are…

How did you celebrate Pie Day? Do tell!

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12 thoughts on “Brown Sugar Buttermilk Pie

  1. Lord woman, you kill me with these pies!

    BTW, I got your lovely postcard. I was all thrown off by the SB pic but then you explained the Fizzy connection. LOL. When you send me mail, The Girl gets all excited because I never receive letters… just bills.

  2. Thanks to your timely post earlier, I made a pie for National Pie Day, too! Nothing fancy, just apple without even a top crust, but we all wolfed it down at work anyway. There’s just something about homemade pie! I’m not usually a custard pie fan, but put Brown Sugar in the name of a recipe, and I’m in! They look delicious, even on my phone’s tiny screen!

  3. Despite your reminder on the lovely postcard you sent, I did nothing for pie day. I should be flogged. Really. Of course, the fact that I didn’t have pie to eat since I didn’t bake one might just be punishment enough. Wait–I did do something for pie day–I drooled all over my iPod looking at your pictures of pie on instagram. Yeah, doesn’t really count, does it?

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