This is a big month for pie. I love January! pieratingsml

Martin Luther King Day, January 20, is a great day to celebrate PEACE and do so with PIE. Click on this button peacethrupie to read more about the Peace Through Pie initiative.

January 23 is National Pie Day, according to the National Pie People (aka The American Pie Council.)

On a bookish note – and I have to thank Beth Howard for notice of this – the movie Labor Day based on the book of the same name, written by Joyce Maynard, is being released on January 31 and it is a book/movie that has a pie theme. I haven’t yet read this book so I now need to read this book. That’s how I roll. And if you don’t know who Beth Howard is, she’s a pie baker author. She has a website called The World Needs More Pie and she has a book due in April. I’ve pre-ordered it. You can read my review of her first book Making Piece by clicking on this sentence. I follow her on Facebook.

Have you read Labor Day?

Now, to update you on my progress with ayofpbyae . . .

If you’ve followed for some time,  you know about my attempt to make every pie in this book during the year 2013. It worked out to 1.07+ pies per week. However, I only made 33 of the 60 pies offered in this cookbook. Still, I am pleased with my efforts. YAY! WOO HOO!!!

My favorite might have to be the Nectarine and Lavender Crostata. I really enjoyed making most of these and only a few gave me troubles or disappointed me in some way. The book is well-organized by season, offers gluten-free alternatives and has fabulous photos.

My goal to learn how to make pie crust can be celebrated. (I am still a proud supporter of using prepared rolled pie crust from your grocer… BUY it if you want to make pie but crust intimidates. But even if crust intimidates, I say go for it and try making your own, too.)

I am looking forward to continuing my way through this book. I wish for you to make or eat some pie this year.

Lots of love and lots of pie,

.  .  .   .  .   .   .  .    loveCare


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17 thoughts on “Pie

  1. I love this! This year, I’m determined to celebrate pie day. With a pie. Maybe I’ll try an apple pie though I’m pretty weird when it comes to the texture of food.

    Haven’t read Labor Day and didn’t know it had a pie theme either. Now I plan on reading it really soon. Happy Sunday!

    1. Yea, I was pretty impressed with myself, too, even if I fell rather short of the goal. That I kept up my enthusiasm and ended with a big effort – I think I made 10 pies the last 3 weeks of the year.
      You can do it! Let me know if I can help.

    1. I’ll be watching for your review! Is your club hoping to catch the movie together? Which reminds me – I was really hoping to see The Book Thief with my club but hasn’t worked out.

  2. I recently read Labor Day and will review it soon. I loved the pie scene and want to try making pie (I’ve only made a few pies in my lifetime) The book, A Year of Pies, looks and sounds enticing.. I may have to get a copy and begin my own pie-making attempts since I like the idea and liked the book! Not to mention, I really wanted pie when Henry was making it!

  3. I read Labor Day, but didn’t remember that it had pie in it. I liked the book, though. Thanks for telling us in advance about National Pie Day! I usually only hear about these things in the morning of the day in question, so now I have time to plan ahead for Pie Day.

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