Long Awaited Reads 2014 #LARMonth

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I jumped right into reading this January – I have already completed three books!  I think I can safely say that all of these would work for “Long Awaited Reads” Month so here I am to talk about it. Perhaps I should just dive into mini-reviews? Yes, yes. I think I shall.

More on this terrific L-A-R event hosted by Nymeth & Iris by clicking –> here <–.

FIRST BOOK (and apologies to Sheila of Book Journey for not getting a photo taken or post written to take part in her celebration of the First Book of the Year idea) is/was

The Story of a Soul: The Autobiography of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux.  taotolbytdl Doubleday, originally pub’d 1898, 159 pages

I’ve been wanting to read this one forever or ever since it was referenced in something else I read and I realized I didn’t know much about her. Plus I have the tradeback book in the house. AND! it seems like a good January “New Year” kind of book, doesn’t it?  I wish I could remember which book put me onto it…  Let’s investigate. If I added Thérèse‘s book in July 2012, then it’s likely that a book I read about that same time was the one that referenced it. OK, the only books I read that could possibly have mentioned our saint was Rubin’s The Happiness Project or possibly? Wild from Cheryl Strayed. I’m gonna bet it was Gretchen Rubin. I should still have it in the house – maybe I put in a post-it note. No note but YES! A mention in the Suggestions for Further Reading!!  Great, that is settled. (and now I see that I actually did write a note on this in goodreads. Huh.)

Other great things this has going for it:   Nonfiction, really old, set in another country (France), translated (French)! Win-win on a lot of goals I listed for this year. My copy was published 1989 but uses the Intro written in 1957 by translator John Beevers.

Very much a religious book of a girl who was extremely zealous and conscientious of wanting to live every second of her life with 100% of her being, her mind and her heart totally focused on her God. (Is ‘extremely zealous’ redundant?)


My second book of the year was a book I have wanted to read ever since LETTER MONTH kicked off a few years ago. The originator of the idea to organize and invite participants to write a letter every day in February is Mary Robinette Kowal and I love her spirit, her energy and her ideas. I follow her on Twitter at @MaryRobinetteSo of course I would want to read her books! I decided to try

Shades of Milk and Honey somahbymrk by Mary Robinette Kowal, Tor 2010 Kindle ed, 304 pages

Not quite my typical genre but I thought it would be fun. And it is! A lively story and I heartily recommend for all who love these kinds of books. Regency period in England? Etiquette and morals and propriety? Romance! Who will capture whose heart and who will risk embarrassment or aghast — shame and scorn?! oh, and it has FANTASY. Well-done. I won’t be reading on in the series because I never rarely read on in any series but if you are a Jane Austen and/or maybe Georgette Heyer fan, try MRK. Note: I have never read Heyer. Yet.


The book I finished just this morning is one I have had on the shelves since 2009. No idea where I got it.

Eat Cake eatcakebyjr by Jeanne Ray, Shaye Areheart books 2003, hardback 272 pages

Somebody mentioned it the other day – I think it was Jeanne of Necromancy Never Pays? Anyway, it struck my fancy yesterday when I needed a next book and it was delightful. Laugh out loud in some parts; it made me smile. Sure, many of you are protesting, “But CARE! You eat PIE!!!” It doesn’t mean I don’t like cake, too. I do tend to love any book that comes with recipes…

Four slices of Lemon Meringue Pie fourpie


I really do not know which book I will read next:  book club choice is Playing Dead by Julia Heaberlin. I can’t decide to get the eBook or audio…  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

EatMy HIdeinWhitetoSkipLine

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11 thoughts on “Long Awaited Reads 2014 #LARMonth

  1. yay to being off to a good start! I have read Shades of Milk and Honey but the sequel, for me, would definitely count as a LAR. I have owned it for ages and just not got around to it. I am looking forward to February and letter writing. 🙂

    1. Me, too. I just had to reset my pswd to get into the site. Almost emailed my LetterMo friends to say WOOHOO – GET READY! but .. maybe later. I’m updating my blog today and trying to find motivation to clean out my craft room. (like, organizing all my stationery!)

  2. Great start to the reading year! I’m on my third book (THE ROSIE PROJECT) but have a few chapters to go before finishing it (although it might be kind of cheating to say “third book” when I started the first one of the year on New Year’s Eve and finished it on New Year’s Day …). How can one resist a book titled EAT CAKE?! I’ll have to check it out.

  3. joyweesemoll

    A great start to the year! I was curious, but a bit intimidated by The Story of a Soul. Maybe I should give it a chance.

    1. St Therese could not be accused of being a brilliant writer so it shouldn’t be intimidating on a literary level. But on a faith-is-strong level, um yea.

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