Resolutions or Whatever for 2014


I want to figure out podcasts. I want to listen to them in my car. I sense this will be “Big Challenge.”

I need to clean off photos of my Mac. My laptop shouldn’t be my scrap book.

I intend to not stress even half as much this semester as I did the past one. (Btw, I got As on both courses…)

I will bake more pie. I love that pie can be plural but pies works, too.

I will read 60+ books. I will listen to more nonfiction (and read more, too.)

I will read books authored by Pollan and Perotta, Willis and Elliot. I will not read anything by JK Rowling. (not for any good reason other than I’ve read a majority of her stuff and I can’t say that about Atwood. I want to say that about Atwood.)

I will track debuts.

I will seek out other cultures/settings/diversity in my reading.

I will add more VERBs to my life. (This is from a friend who stated that MOVE/WALK/ACT are better than SIT/WATCH/WHINE.)



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33 thoughts on “Resolutions or Whatever for 2014

  1. aartichapati

    Yay for podcasts! I highly recommend the Stitcher app. It will update your podcasts automatically and recommend ones that you might like based on topics and subjects of your choosing.

    1. Apps for podcasts aren’t my problem – it is getting the access to my car figured out. The plug-in cord option doesn’t work. It’s more complicated than I care to discover.

    1. Oh yes. Most likely I will make some savory pies. Chicken pot pie is one I can’t believe I haven’t gotten to yet (from my Year of Pie cookbook, anyway.)

  2. Oh, I do like the idea of adding more VERBs in 2014! Silly me, I finally got an audio cord for my car but never thought to plug in and listen to podcasts yet; just been using it for music. Duh!

    1. I like the flexibility to read any books by an author when I set these goals, but sometimes it is because of a certain book but another of theirs comes into the house first. Happy New Year!

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