We Are Water

Thoughts wawbywl We Are Water by Wally Lamb, ebook HarperCollins 2013, 559 pages.

I didn’t like it. I couldn’t connect to the characters. I was not at all wowed by the writing like I had hoped and expected to be since so many people love Wally Lamb. I’m sad that I didn’t try She’s Come Undone first because I’m seriously doubting I ever will.

This was a book club book. We meet Friday.

I really hope it is just me. I am quite persnickety and hyper-critical sometimes. I’m even jumping all over Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch (I’m about 13% in – going to push through and complete this by the end of the year.)

So, please. Do not take my word for it! Let Lisa of Lit & Life, a blogger I respect and usually agree with, tell you that she liked it very much. Diane at Bibliophile by the Sea says, “…although it digs deep into the darker side of humans, it’s a story that is uplifting as well.” Matt at A Guy’s Moleskine Notebook claims it is ..”.a compulsively readable novel that captures the essence of human experience.”

The book cover at the top will take you to goodreads.com where you will find out more about the book and see that it has garnered a 3.91 out of 5.0 with 4058 ratings. That is pretty high.

I do think the cover is nice.

Should I give Mr. Lamb another try? I own a paperback of She’s Come Undone. I’ve had it for years.


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14 thoughts on “We Are Water

    1. I really feel bad but I just got bored and really didn’t want to keep reading but it was for book club, yaknow? Sigh… I will have to put some distance between this and SCU, I think.

  1. Ruthiella

    I liked both She’s Come Undone and I Know This Much is True. Although the main character in She’s Come Undone is hard to like sometimes…she makes some pretty bad decisions and sometimes I wanted to slap her.

    I say take a break and then apply the 50 page rule later. Mr. Lamb deserves one more chance.

  2. aartichapati

    I have a book by Wally Lamb, but it isn’t a novel – it’s a series of essays by women in prison, I think. I thought it sounded quite interesting. I haven’t read it yet. One day 🙂

    That said, it’s ok to not like a book that everyone else likes! I am starting NW by Zadie Smith next and I am nervous I won’t like that. Also, I just finished Noughts & Crosses which I was pretty blah about. I feel like I have been blah about many books lately. I want to end the year on a positive note!

  3. I liked it, but it’s definitely not at the usual Wally-Lamb-level. I was a little disappointed in it, actually, even though I read it quickly and liked it for the most part.

    Why was Annie blamed for absolutely EVERYTHING that was wrong with their family?

    Why did Orion have the most annoying savior complex EVER?

    Some parts of it just went on and on and on, and probably should have been edited. It could have been shorter and just as good…or better.

    I didn’t dislike it, but it wasn’t up to Lamb’s usual standards. Sigh.

  4. I usually like Lamb’s writing so I am hoping to like this one. I was so excited when I received the ARC but I felt into my funk and then it never got read. I do plan to read it soon though. I’ll buzz you when I do so we can compare notes.

  5. Stacey

    I’m about half way through We Are Water and I am REALLY enjoying it! You just need to get past the first chapter which reads a bit pretentiously. This Much I Know Is True by Wally Lamb is in my top ten books OF ALL TIMES so I highly recommend it. Try She’s Come Undone as well . . .

  6. It’s so hard to like any of the characters in this book which does make it hard to like the book. And it’s such an odd book, I don’t even know that I know who I would recommend it to. But you’re right, I did like it.

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