Super Dooper Mini Reviews for Fun and Entertainment

Trying to get caught up. Here’s what I’ve read lately…

drsleep Doctor Sleep / Stephen King (2013,18.5 hours) ***** #56

Yes, I give this one five slices of pie because I just love King on audio! He always has characters I want to root for and just enough amusing comments to make the scary stuff bearable.

There Goes the Galaxy / Jenn Thorson  (2011,358 pages) **** 55 tgtg

Comedy and Science Fiction! Really quite enjoyable and fun. The satire was spot on but the book suffers from being a bit long. It took me more than few attempts to get started with it and I’m glad I hung in and finished. If you like to laugh at colorfully drawn aliens poking fun at earthlings, give this one a shot.

NOV 2013
Winter's Night Button If on a Winters Night a Traveler / Italo Calvino (1979,260) *** 54

OK, an ambitious read. Amazingly clever and enjoyable unless you need a ‘start and finish’ completion kind of experience. A story about finding/chasing too many unfinished books. That sentence doesn’t do justice to it but I’m not wrong. Read Melissa’s review. YAY for Readalongs and crossing off one more off that 1001 Books to Read Before I Die List.

Mary Poppins / PL Travers (1934,224) **** 53 mpbyplt

Saw the ad for Saving Mr. Banks and got extremely nostalgic. I immediately downloaded and read the original story. I now want to see the original Mary Poppins movie before seeing the Hanks and Emma Thompson flick. (I’m really behind on the movie watching to match the book-reading I did this year… another topic for another day.)

divbyvr  Divergent / Victoria Roth (2011,487) *** 52

Got to read this while substitute teaching! I caught up to the student’s reading schedule then Kindle’d it to finish later that week. It was a fast read, very engaging. But … it had its flaws.

OCT 2013
Unbroken / Laura Hillenbrand (2010,473/14 hrs) ***** SRP HB #51 unbroken

Nonfiction, our local high school’s summer reading program book. I created a website template to explore how to integrate technology into lesson plans across multiple disciplines based on this story. A remarkable read about a hero overcoming adversity.

 taoibyjh The All of It by Jeannette Haien (1986,160 pages) #50

Set in Ireland; sad circumstances and buried secrets come to a head and a priest tries to figure out his own feelings and values; he takes out his frustrations on a fishing excursion in torrential rain. A short book, beautiful powerful writing, and a touch of odd. Most of my book club liked it and remarked it was certainly something they probably wouldn’t have read on their own.

YAY! I’m all caught up now. Next up is my attempt to finish the last book (Wally Lamb’s We Are Water) of 2013 and write the year end wrap up. Merry Christmas!


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23 thoughts on “Super Dooper Mini Reviews for Fun and Entertainment

    1. Yes, an odd assortment but I enjoyed most. It’s not looking good on my finishing We Are Water. Don’t know if it’s the sad topics and it being Christmas or if it just doesn’t work (for me). I made the mistake of looking at goodreads reviews and reading the two & three star ones. I really am sad that I hadn’t read She’s Come Undone because right now, I’m rather ‘meh’ about Mr. Lamb…

    1. I know! Very good choice on my part to read it. LOVED it. I probably didnt’ give it 5 stars because it was too short. Maybe, I don’t remember now. But I still want to see the movie, too. It has to be over 40 years when I saw it.

  1. Loved the audio production of Unbroken, and bumping The All of It up higher on the wish list. I have a bunch of reviews I need to write and will probably borrow your super-mini format. Merry Christmas, Care!

    1. I look forward to your mini-reviews. They are intimidating to start and limit but it works to get over that ‘I must blog’ block that happens when reviews have piled up too high.

    1. Yep, school is over til mid or late January. Of course, all that stuff I’ve been meaning to do now that I am ‘on break’ is not likely going to get done. Crazy how that happens. We think we get so much time… Happy Holidays!

      1. You too! I just posted my Thankgiving Weekend Cooking post. (Only a few weeks late…) I couldn’t find the cable for the camera to get the photos off after Thanksgiving. It turned out the camera case fell behind a bookcase in all our frenzy of cleaning up for company!

    1. I recommend you schedule a chunk of time and then do not put it down. Read it all in one sitting or within a few days. And enjoy the mystery, the chase. 😀

  2. I just recently purchased If On a Winter’s Night a Traveler and am not sure if your review makes me WANT to read it or makes me think that I will be thoroughly confused by it. But it’s intriguing nonetheless!

      1. aartichapati

        TRUE. Reading it with Jenny would probably make the book much more enjoyable, even if it was enjoyable in the first place of reading it alone.

  3. I never did get around to finishing the Calvino, although I was enjoying it till I read too many chapters in one night. After that, I couldn’t get myself to pick it back up till recently. And, then I had no idea what was happening. Oh, well. Nice try.

  4. litandlife

    I have never read Mary Poppins; I think I’ll need to pick it up this year. I’ve been trying to read childhood books I never actually read as a child recently. I’m surprised there are so many because I read quite a lot when I was young.

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