Finished 2013 What’s in a Name 6 Challenge


Yay! After deliberating and asking Twitter friends if The Dinner could qualify for the PARTY category and being told to go for it, I am. Thus, this completes the challenge for the 2013 What’s in a Name!  WOO HOO

The idea is to read books with TITLES that might fit into the six announced categories. This year the categories were FIRE, PARTY of CELEBRATION, KITCHEN, UP or DOWN, LOST or FOUND, and EMOTION. It is up to the reader participant to decide if it fits or not and doesn’t have to have the exact category word in the title but could possibly relate. It’s a year long challenge.

The following is my list in order of when read. The title links to my review and the book cover links to After that in parenthesis, I give year published and page count/hours (if audio). Then my rating in stars, what month I read it, and category for the challenge. The button at the top links to who hosts this challenge.

1. Catching Fire / Suzanne Collins cfbysc (2009,391) *** eBook Feb ♦ FIRE

2. The Dinner / Herman Koch tdbyhk (2009,314/9 hrs)  ***  March ♦ PARTY

3. Kitchen Confidential / Anthony Bourdain kcbyab (2000,312) WiaN6 **** June ♦ KITCHEN

4. Up the Down Staircase / Bel Kaufman utdscbybk (1964,368) *****  June ♦ UP/DOWN

5. Songs for the Missing / Stewart O’Nan sftmbyson (2008,287) **** July ♦ LOST/FOUND

6. Maman’s Homesick Pie  / Donia Bijan mhpiebydb (2011,254) ***** Sept ♦ EMOTION

Two FIVE star, two FOUR star and two THREE star reads! I would say a great year.  Two nonfiction – lovely. This is my favorite year-long reading challenge.

I don’t usually finish the challenge this early in the year. I get very excited when the categories are announced for the next year and rush to my shelves to see what is in-house that I have yet to read that will satisfy the slots. Then I look at my tbr on and to see if anything I’ve already said I want to read will fit and then I post and ask for even more suggestions (as well as offer any). I give myself permission to change my mind. Usually in December, I’m scrambling to read whatever will count and looking back to see if anything I missed assigning to this challenge and have already read might work. My initial post for this challenge gave me all sorts of choices and options.

Why is this my favorite? Because I gets me to read from my shelves or to commit to books previously rather than recently added to my tbr. I like the deliberateness of it but also the freedom and flexibility.  One of these books was for my IRL bookclub. One fit a personal challenge I set to read a book published in my birth year. (Shhhhh). One was to continue with a series and also to satisfy to need to “read the book and see the movie”. I’ve had Kitchen Confidential on my tbr since forever and I have wanted to read anything by O’Nan for just as long. Of course, I love a book with ‘pie’ in the title.


I am now looking forward to the What’s in a Name 7 Challenge for 2014!  I wonder if Beth Fish is requesting category suggestions yet…


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17 thoughts on “Finished 2013 What’s in a Name 6 Challenge

  1. Very impressive! I get excited about the categories as well. For the past three years (!), I have not finished. It is shameful, but I still love trying. Maybe this will be my year.

  2. Congratulations! I don’t usually finish this early either – I surprised myself. You had some really titles for the categories – especially Up the Down Staircase – brilliant. I like making the list too and using it to read books I’ve had for ages.

    1. Sadly, I do admit that this challenge doesn’t have much sense of ‘community’ – perhaps that is my fault, though…

      GET TO IT!

  3. I have current;y sworn on challenges, but this one tempts me every year for the reasons that you love it. Maybe I’ll break down in 2014!
    Congratulations on getting it done so early 🙂

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