Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven

Thoughts umittohbyajga  Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven ABRIDGED by Susan Gilman, narrated by Susan Jane Gilman, 7 hrs 32 min

I really enjoyed this one. Gilman did a fabulous job narrating.

Susan and her friend Claire are new graduates from Brown University and since they crave adventure, they decide to take off for a year long trip around the world. They start in Hong Kong with the mission to explore China. The year is 1986 and China is only newly open for tourism.

Claire has to pump up and support Susan at the very beginning who is unprepared for the homesickness and strangeness of what they’ve gotten themselves into but by the end, it is Susan who rescues and supports Claire.

Truthfully, a lot of the story reinforces my faith in humanity. There are good people OUT THERE.

If you like books about crazy travel adventures, you can’t miss this one.

Rating:  Four slices of pie. fourpie


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10 thoughts on “Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven

    1. I also think that since Susan and I are/were at similar stages in life the year of 1986 also gave me much to relate to (except I never had the means to travel like that!)

    1. The title is reference to a very tiny piece of one of the adventures… It made me smile when I came across it. It really is not meant to be a sex travelogue like Wild. (ha!)

      Really, I think you might like this. It both was not what I was expecting – it was better!

  1. I read this back when it first came out and I loved her sense of humor and the very real drama that made this somewhat of a mystery. I had heard that she was great on audio as well. I guess you have proved that for me.

  2. Every time I see someone review this one, I think “I’m going to read that” and then it fades off into the sea of books I’m going to read someday. But everyone does seem to like it and I really am going to read it someday!

  3. One of my favorite travelogues! I still remember some parts very well, like the Chinese guy whose family made them that whole huge dinner that they didn’t end up eating – actually everything to do with that guy was heartbreaking. And yes, there were a couple of amazing people who helped them out greatly.

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