Appears to be August Already

Hello Dearies,

I haven’t done a what-up post in awhile and thought, why not? I certainly would rather do this then actually do the vacuuming (like I just texted to my husband when he asked me what’s on today’s agenda?)

I am reading:   The Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson. I am really enjoying it. If ‘enjoying’ is the right word since it does describe the assumed horrific situations of being a citizen of North Korea. It does so with the kind of humor that really appeals to me. Satire, anyone?

and I’m listening to METAtropolis compiled by John Scalzi. I’ve only listened to the first story but I was impressed with the world building even if the ending felt abrupt and deflated. This was a freebie from Audible to thank me for being a good customer. I know some people find audible to be expensive but I think I’m getting my money’s worth. I usually use my credit on the LOOOoonnnnnggest books (many hours long) so when/if I do buy something, I don’t mind the cost.

I have Infinite Jest both audio and ebook versions ready to go.

I’m thinking that I should read a Nonfiction book soon.

On Tuesday, I will have a review post of questions I asked fellow readalongers of Songs for the Missing by Stewart O’Nan. I can’t wait to read Last Night at the Lobster next.  Oh, that reminds me…  I read Songs for the Missing for the What’s in a Name Challenge 6 and I need to update the post to say so.

Eventually, I will review Where’d You Go, Bernadette? by Maria Semple. I laughed out loud a lot.

I made ricotta cookies instead of pie this week.


I am spending most of my days on the boat, recovering from the boat and then packing to go back to the boat.

And prepping for school. I will take two classes this fall:  Foundations of Instructional Technology and Information Access and the Internet. Whoop!  I think I’m finally registered. (With that, can you hear the frustrations of trying to get this back-to-school thing figured out!?!)

That’s about it.

Hope all is well with you!  What are YOU reading?  


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36 thoughts on “Appears to be August Already

  1. Last Night at the Lobster really nailed it when describing the life of a chain restaurant manager. I had nightmare of my Marie Callender days for weeks afterward. The only thing I enjoyed there? The pie 🙂

  2. Wonderful boat, no wonder you spend so much time there. Back to school is scary but can be great fun, if the courses suit you. I hope you’ll find it very satisfying to learn some new stuff. Are these courses that together (with others) count towards a degree/certificate?

    Have a great week with The Orphan Master’s Son – I liked it and disliked it. But it was definitely intriguing.

    1. Yes, I’m enrolled in a graduate level certificate program. After I take the classes they tell me, I should then be able to be hired to teach computers. I thought it was a year program but I’m being overly optimistic, I think. I really am flying by the seat of my pants and am looking forward to talking to other students and the teachers to really know what I’m getting into.

  3. I miss living on the coast, I think I told you, but I’m from Portsmouth, NH (although I’ve lived all over that little area – from Boston to Portland, ME). Colorado has no water. I can swim across every “lake” in the state and if I can swim across it, it’s not really a lake.

  4. I can’t believe we’re so far into August already, either! I listened to Songs of the Missing on audio and read Wish You Were Here by Stewart O’Nan, which also had a missing girl in it, so now I’m listening to a funny audio, to lighten the mood: Summer Lightning by P.G. Wodehouse, narrated by Martin Jarvis (or is it Marvin?). Also reading What My Mother Gave Me, a collection of essays that I meant to review in time for Mother’s Day. (See what I mean about not believing it’s August already?)

  5. Last Night at the Lobster is awesome!! Snow Angels will be my next O’Nan novel… picked it up at a used book sale not too long ago.

    I’m reading Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver now – it’s very good.

    1. I love that I’m getting so many great recs for O’Nan and not just one of his books. I don’t know where I stand on Kingsolver; probably need to read something else by her.

  6. Last Night at the Lobster sounds good. I just finished Where’d You Go, Bernadette, and I absolutely loved it. It was due back at the library the next day and I sat there and looked at it and thought, you know, there are tons of people on the holds list for this (I knew this because I tried to renew it and couldn’t), there must have been a reason why I requested it. So I opened it up and away I went. So glad I went with my intuition!

    I’ve been thinking about taking some courses, too. In what, though, I don’t know. And why? I’m not too sure about that either! Something jumbled in my mind about getting out there, mixing with people again. Ahh, the life of a freelancer. It’s made me a bit of a hermit, so I’m feeling like it’s time to smell those roses again. Or something like that.

  7. I loved Bernadette! It was just awesome. Like the sound of the courses you are planning to take up. My husband’s thinking of going back to school too so I’ve been looking at catalogs and what not, lately.

    1. I am trying to turn my nervous butterflies into excitement. I am looking forward to the Grad orientation in 2 weeks that then POW! I’ll be back in school. Yikes

  8. litandlife

    I’m finishing up Bernadette for book club and if those ladies don’t read the book again this month, I swear I will hurt someone. I need to be able to talk about it and they are so missing out if they don’t read it! Have you ever read O’Nan’s The Odds? It’s my nightstand book so I’m reading it very slowly but enjoying it very much. I think I like it better than Songs For The Missing which I did like.

    1. Violence at the book club!!! I’m pretty sure everyone will read it this month. I think everyone read the last one. We do pretty good on that count though we often threaten a dunce cap and extreme humiliation for the “BAD BOOKIES” who don’t finish the book.

      1. Something about the quirkyness of the title puts me off somehow, but I have heard only good things about it so I guess I should just get over it and read it already 🙂

    1. Can I admit that it was better than I expected it to be? I know I was generous with my 5 pie slice rating since it won the Pulitzer but I really did enjoy the style of the story. The characters were great. I’ll try to write a worthy review (I am SOOO out of the habit of good review writing – if I could even ever accuse myself of such.)

  9. Eleanor read Infinite Jest this summer, and she didn’t like it half as much as Walker and I did. She said “it’s a lot about drugs.” She did finish it, though!

    1. Audible works great for me but I admit I had a rocky start because I didn’t have the best technology for delivery. Now I have the iPhone and just recently got the cable to broadcast my books on my car speakers. Yay me!

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