The Good House

Rambling Thoughts tghnbmbh The Good House by Ann Leary, AUDIO narrated by Mary Beth Hurt, Macmillan Audio 2013, 10 hrs 12 mins

I liked this one A LOT.

I liked the voice – not only the narration voice of Mary Beth Hurt but how she talked, how the character spoke. It was pretty good New England accent, too (especially for MBH being from Iowa.)

Our main gal is a realtor. And she nailed it! What she said, how she talked – I was giggling with all the association. I worked for a lady just like Hildy. (My first job in Massachusetts was in real estate. Wow – could I relate to a lot of this part of the story…)

And the drinking theme? Ouch. That’s all I’ll say. It felt very realistic.

Hildy is trying to hold it all together and she needs to sell a few houses – the market is down and she’s gotten herself into a little bit of debt. But she had to lose time when her daughters presented her with an intervention for her drinking and she got to take an extended vacation. In the meantime, she’s back in town and managing her business as she tells us about a client that certainly eventually shows herself to be unstable. Or is it Hildy that is unstable? or both!?!

Sure, let’s go with that. Wine drinking, everyone in town knowing your business, etc and blah blah blah. A fun book with plenty of human angst and tragedy and yet laughter, too.

Fabulous audio! Well done.

Rating: Four slices of pie. fourpie

COPLEY CONNECTION – Hildy knows how to read people and she ‘pretends’ to read minds while at the same time sharing that she knows the ‘tricks’. I had just read a book where the characters could know what someone was going to say and/or portend the future, etc. so this was an interesting connection to The Witch of Little Italy. Also, the book I read right after this one also features a realtor.


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15 thoughts on “The Good House

    1. I know you loved it and especially enjoyed the audio, too. I love when you and I both like a book. I always respect your opinions!

  1. That sounds great! Wonderful how well you could relate to it. Definitely a book for me to keep in the back of my mind (not on the shelves, for now!).

    1. Well, perhaps because you don’t live in New England? very interesting. I did look up where the author was from (Iowa) and only caught a few words that didn’t ring true in accent (very few) but I’m also not a native MassHole so I could also get it if anyone else around here found fault. Accents are just darn tricky.

  2. I need to revisit this one; I was also listening to it and got completely bored by it. I will try it again at some later date.

    1. Bored, huh? I have a feeling my living in Mass and having worked real estate and like to drink my own glasses of wine now and then made it extremely relatable.

    1. I get that (lack of big ending). I did have that slow build of tension and foreboding what exactly was going to happen! and the climax may not have quite delivered the huge punch, I guess. I’m happy overall that (SPOILER ALERT) that it ended more happy than tragic.

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