The Witch of Little Italy

Thoughts twolibysp The Witch of Little Italy by Suzanne Palmieri, St. Martin’s Press / Macmillan 2013, 320 pages.

ebook. For the Bookies, my book club. I voted for this; sadly, I cannot recall which books were the contenders.

This is what has been said about The Orchardist, a book I recently enjoyed:

“Written with breathtaking precision and empathy, an astonishing debut novel. At once intimate and epic, evocative and atmospheric, filled with haunting characters both vivid and true to life, and told in a distinctive narrative voice.”  – blurb on goodreads.

And this is what has been said about Alias Grace, the book I’m currently engrossed with:

A stunning novel full of sly wit, compassion and insight, boasting writing that is lyrical, assured, evocative of time and place and seductive in its power to engage us.”   -Houston Chronicle

Let me just state: The With of Little Italy has NONE of that.

I first abandoned as DNF and then attempted to come back to it, skimming and finally giving up. One star. Annoying and tedious. Still, it might appeal to those who want a quick conversation-driven story involving family mysteries and magic. Plenty of drama, I guess. I just need more substance; this aint my kind of book.


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11 thoughts on “The Witch of Little Italy

    1. Like I said on goodreads, I think it suffered from comparison with some really amazing reads I’ve enjoyed just prior and since.

  1. Hi! First, let me tell you how grateful I am that you suggested this to your book club! And second, I so appreciate any type of review. Because it means someone saw and wanted to pick up the book! (That’s the dream!). I agree wholeheartedly with many of the reviews that may make other authors cringe. It’s so important, if I intend to grow as a writer, to hear ALL of the opinions. I mean that. It’s hard to blog and to do all the social media (I know, I’m smeared across the internet….) so for you to take the time to do this, no matter how you felt about the book, is appreciated. (I don’t like a lot of books! And I’m an avid reader! shhhhh…. don’t tell.) ~ The Lost Witch. (Suzanne)

    1. uh, hello! I admit seeing an author comment here makes me cringe. I may not have been the best target audience for your book — a book club choice can’t often please everyone or the discussions get boring. I hope it pleases you that most of my club is giving this 4-5 star ratings in goodreads.

  2. Ouch! Too bad! I think I may have a copy of this one to read, but I’m not 100% sure. (Too lazy to get up and look at the moment!) The rest of your book club must have all looked at you like “WHOA! What’s up with her?” 😉

  3. I’m thrilled! Really! And I learn so much, everyday, from those who did NOT like it! *One of my new and BEST cold readers for new work is a great reader who gave THE WITCH a terrible review on goodreads. I’m serious. I’m an author who is grateful that anyone picks it up, and willing to learn about what works and what doesn’t. XO!!!! (Seriously.)

  4. Bummer. I’m struggling with an audiobook and may give it up. I need to give up on crappy books more. Life’s too short to get all of the great ones read without wasting time on the bad ones!

    1. I know, it’s tough. Especially when a book club book. And sometimes it is mood! But maybe the book will come back into your life and be a wonderful experience. Let it go and move on and see if it comes back. (hee hee)

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