Copley in Amsterdam


The highlight of Copley’s visit?  Meeting Judith!  Judith of Leeswammes’ Blog:  Books, Books, and Books


She has a great photo of Copley sitting atop a few books…  She gave me The Orchardist by Amanda Coplin (I was MOST excited for this – what a treat!) and First You Try Everything by Jane McCafferty which we joked might be perfect for my celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary this year. I gave her Stewart O’Nan’s Songs for the MissingI haven’t actually read this myself but have been meaning to for years now. Anything by O’Nan, truthfully. I have another copy so I’m trying to set up a readalong. Anyone else interested?

After the yummiest risotto, we had pie; a lemon pie along the type of a key lime from Florida. IMG_1735

We talked a lot about books, as you might expect. And we talked about biscuits and other interesting cultural differences. But mostly about books.

And when the boys were let out from work meetings, we toured.

IMG_1679 View from our room at the Moevenpick Hotel, looking mostly northwest. IMG_1680 View lookingsouthwest? IMG_1683 Amsterdam Station.IMG_1690 Canal scene. IMG_1693 Street scene. IMG_1697 A lovely canal street cafe scene.IMG_1716 The famous Seven Bridges shot. IMG_1726 We had dinner at the restaurant on the top of this old oil rig. IMG_1754 Watch out for the bicycles! IMG_1769 The Flower Market. IMG_1776 The Rijksmuseum. IMG_1780 Where we saw this famous Rembrandt painting The Nightwatch.  IMG_1789 An Old Amsterdam Sandwich (featuring rocket and cornichons but I think it had a different spelling… Means pickles. Rocket is arugula.) IMG_1800 At the Heineken Experience. IMG_1812 A mosiac sofa.

And HIdeinWhitetoSkipLine

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15 thoughts on “Copley in Amsterdam

  1. It was great to meet you and the food was good, wasn’t it? I love the pictures, you saw a lot of Amsterdam! You didn’t take a picture of the bicycle garage near the station? Did you notice it? Several floors of bicyle parking in one building.

    Anyway, the lemon pie was good indeed and I’m looking forward to reading your book. Do let me know when you want to read it. I’m fine with late July or August.

  2. How wonderful that you got to meet a book blog friend! That’s so cool!
    I’ve enjoyed looking at your pictures and they’ve brought me such great memories of my travels there several years ago.

  3. I love this!!! I’ve never been to Amsterdam and I’m not sure I will unless I go without Scott (and I just might!). So maybe next time you should get a bike and tour around that way? What a nice visit with Judith. I’ve only met a handful of bloggers and I always wonder if we’d talk about anything besides books!

  4. I missed so many posts the week of the 4th, so I never saw this post or Judith’s about your visit to Amsterdam. What fun! Great photos! I didn’t realize rocket and arugula were the same thing.

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