Copley in London

My husband had business that took him to London and I wasn’t about to let him go without me.

We were able to fly over a few days early and play tourist. (Copley was trapped in the hotel room; he had a nice view of the back of the FDR statue in the park across from the US Embassy.)


We rode the Hop On – Hop Off Bus and I was not about to let cold and rain (mere drizzle) deter me from riding on the top!

IMG_1504 This is Regent Street.

IMG_1513 It was West-End Show Week which means they gave free concerts at… I think it was Trafalgar Square – the one with the tower of Lord Nelson. We heard a bit of Phantom of the Opera.

IMG_1522 Parliament and the Elizabeth II Tower

IMG_1540 Tower of London

IMG_1611 We didn’t ride the big Ferris Wheel but we took the Thames River Cruise (not impressed, except nice views)

IMG_1618 Buckingham Palace


We ate PIE!  (meat pies) and we drank beer and we had dinner at a Gordon Ramsey restaurant where we had about 7 servers that didn’t talk to each other or know what the others were doing – or so it seemed. Five of us at a table that really should only have sat three. Still it was good and we had fun.

And for all the bookies! After we were astonished by all that is Harrod’s Department Store (the pet section took up half the 4th floor and they had puppies for purchase! But it was the food floor that was amazing. I wanted to stay for lunch) but we scooted off (in a 30+ minute 15£ taxi) to Bloomsbury so I could do this:


I meant to buy a Dorothy Whipple but left with a few postcards and Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Making of a Marchioness.

Next post… Brighton!  Here is when I ask you for books set in Brighton, please.



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29 thoughts on “Copley in London

  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun! I’m still trying to find my way over to England, but we never manage to get the vacation booked. One day!!

    1. I know, I always wonder why we don’t travel more. The first time I went to Europe, I wondered why it took us so long. And yet this was 13 years later. Hopefully Ireland is next and much sooner done.

  2. When I went to Brighton (years ago, before the original pleasure pier was destroyed by a storm) I thought of Peter Pindar’s satire of George III, Ode to a Poor Soldier, which makes fun of him for going to Brighton (kind of like how the press always made fun of George Bush for spending time at his ranch in Texas when affairs of state were languishing in Washington). It is here:

  3. SO. JEALOUS!!!!! I’m glad you made it over to Lamb’s Conduit Street! Was it just wonderful? I’m sure when I go someday I’ll be very verklempt.

    Is that you in the photo looking very Bloomsbury?

  4. SO MUCH FUN!!! And I’ve been wondering about Persephone recommendations so now I know who to ask on twitter next time I get a catalog (I’ve never ordered a book but want to!!!). Books in Brighton. I always think of Pride and Prejudice but do they actually go there in the book or just talk about it? I get it confused with the movie…

    1. I haven’t read too many – just Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day and one by Whipple. Which is why I wanted to read another one but got distracted by FHB.

  5. Yay! London is my favorite city. It’s just so wonderfully full of history, art and beauty. I’m so glad you’re having a good trip. As for books, I think Graham Greene’s Brighton Rock is set there, though I haven’t read it. Have fun!

  6. My favorite city, too. I’m planning to go twice in the next year and I can’t wait. Next time you have to make it to France and pay me a visit!

  7. I love London. There’s so much to see. We’ve been several times, but never made it to Harrod’s. Can’t help you with Brighton. Haven’t been there.

  8. Love your pics! Lucky Copley had a great view. Since you went to Harrods, you were literally right around the corner from where we’ve stayed the last two times we’ve gone to London. Can’t say I’m in love with Harrods, myself, although that food section is pretty amazing. It’s just too crowded for me. I’m more of a Marks & Spencer gal.

    So glad you got to go to Persephone! Hmm, Brighton. I know I read a book partially set in Brighton (because it featured the Prince Regent, the fat prince who spent a lot of his time partying in the palace at Brighton) but I can’t remember which historical fiction title that was. I’ll give it some thought.

    1. I guess I’ll have to go to Marks & Spencer next time. We really didn’t spend too much time in Harrod’s – mostly the pet floor, time searching for the restroom and then being all agog at the food.

      1. Marks & Spencer is just a dept. store, really nothing special. Liberty is a better place to go if you want to see interesting displays. Harrods is so HUGE!! I let Huzzybuns take Kiddo to Harrods, this last time. It’s just a little too overwhelming for me, but it’s definitely got some eye-popping merchandise.

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