The Copley Series

Beginning now, I respond to Debi‘s request to regale her with Copley’s adventures overseas. He visited London, Brighton and Amsterdam. Here’s what he returned with:


POSTCARDS!  Of course, I already knew Kelly would receive one, and I already sent Jill one. I got distracted by touring to send more (sorry! but I will) to  a few others but I did buy cards with YOU in mind. 😉

As to that inclusion of The Orchardist into this photo, a huge thank you to Judith/Leeswammes and more on that later.

The series?  A few photos to follow of our travels. Sadly, I actually forgot to pull Mr Copley out of the bag for pictures in cool places. uh oh.

IMG_1654 IMG_1743

Also sadly, we failed to make it to the Patti Smith concert. (And total-fail, I didn’t get the photo of the concert poster that had me all aflutter with anticipation! Just imagine…) May that not be one of my regrets in life. “Oh well.” aka “gawd it sucks getting old.”

Shall we begin? we had a lovely time. Fabelachtig!


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