Beautiful Ruins

Thoughts brbyjw Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walters, Harper Audio 2012, ~13 hours

If you love audiobooks, I recommend this one. If you want to try an audiobook and want a story that has lots of drama and love and more drama and a bit of humor and a bit of sadness, I really recommend this one.

I loved it.

What’s it ABOUT:  Oh, you KNOW I hate to give these things away!  The fun is the surprise and enchantment. I won’t tell you much more than it’s about a beautiful woman inside and out who begins an adventure and it turns in on her, topsy-turvy. And actually it’s not really just about her, we don’t even start with her but the Italian guy who falls in love at first sight. And then we meet a bunch more other minor but key characters who are tossed up in the wake like flotsam jetsam* and have heartaches of their own.

OK, maybe not KEY characters, maybe not minor – a few are there for plot support and more fun when it all comes together. And just when you think some storylines will wrap up nicely, they do not and yet others do even when you think they won’t. It spans decades and settings and viewpoints and art mediums. A delightful madcap (sometimes), heartbreaking (of course) in a lot of ways, enjoyable trip through celebrity and fame and success and the chase and the avoidance and the…   oh. Just read it.

It was a terrific listen**, too. Edoardo Ballerini is going on my tops-faves list.

In fact, I so enjoyed this that think I want to buy the book so I can experience it again (and know how to spell things and check for pie references. If anyone has this in eBook, could you go do a search*** and tell me if any pie flavors pop up? Thanks, I appreciate it.)

Rating: Five slices of pie. pierating2

I credit Literate Housewife for the recommendation – the push rather. I think I bought this when I noticed it won something and I needed an audiobook handy but it was Jennifer who told me it was a must! on Twitter one day.


HAPPY June Is Audiobook Month!!

* I love the words flotsam jetsam. One of my tops-faves things about The Little Mermaid.

** I am pretty sure it won some prize for audiobooks. It’s not showing on the Audible page.

*** Really, the only thing I like about eBooks is the ability to search for words like ‘pie’.


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34 thoughts on “Beautiful Ruins

    1. Yum! I made something similar for Easter this year thanks to good Italian-American friends in Rhode Island. My Year of Pie has one, too, but I’ve yet to make. Thanks!

    1. I need to get my hands on The Financial Lives of the Poets, Walter’s book before this one. I have to find out if I have a new author crush.

  1. I am so glad I gave you the push you needed to listen to this audiobook. It did win an Audie Award, too. Edoardo Ballerini won the Solo Narration – Male. I stood up and whooped when I heard the news. He deserved it.

    1. Ya know, I wasn’t too intrigued when I first read about it but I had to find out what wins an Audie award. And then I fell in love with the story!

  2. Ok…you AND Lu! I’m going to have to get this one now and after your review, I’m going to have to go the audio route I think! I know where my next Audible credit is going!

  3. I had to read it in print for book club last night, but then my library hold on the audiobook came in this morning, so I’m going to take a little listen just to see what all the raving is about!

  4. This was wavering somewhere towards the bottom of my to-read list – it has just been bumped up! I’m a sucker for anything set in Europe – particularly France or Italy – and your post has made me quite curious! (M from

  5. I do this, too, where I love a book so much on audio that I buy a copy to read one day. Unfortunately I still pick up on so much more when I read than listen and I love how different the experiences can be. I loved this one on audio as well–Ballerini did a fantastic job.

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed this one in book form but so wish I would have known how great the audiobook was before I read it. My book club is considering this one for the fall and I wasn’t going to reread it but you may have talked me into listening to it.

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