Under the Dome

Thoughts Under the Dome by Stephen King, Gallery Books (orig 2009), 875 pages, eBook

AudioBook  aUtDbySKnbyRE narrated by Raul Esparanza, Simon & Schuster Audio 2009, ~34.5 hours

For the #DomeAlong Readalong hosted by Natalie at Coffee and BookChick Blog.

As typical of King stories, especially the really long ones that I seem to listen to, this one has lots of characters. Lots of good guys and plenty of bad guys. You love and cheer for the good ones and loath the bad.

Of course everyone in town called him Junior, he thought of himself as Junior, but he hadn’t realized how much he hated it, how much he hoped-to-die-in-a-maggot-pie hated it until he heard it come bolting out from between the spooky tombstone teeth of the bitch who had caused him so much trouble.

I was totally sucked in. To the point that I blew everything off – all chores, all duties, EVERYTHING. I listened every second I could and then some. Which is how I somehow finished this in 4 days. I mean, sure, I listened at 1.5 speed, BUT STILL!  I was consumed.

And yet I didn’t love it. I just had to know what happened next!

What happened? What just happened? Nora? Nora-pie? Where are you, dear?
Then she saw her friend and uttered a scream of grief and horror.

Interestingly (maybe?) enough, I might have read more than listened. But of course, the listening part is what made me ZOOM through it. If I couldn’t sit still with the iPad/Kindle, then I had the buds in my ear and sometimes listened along as I read – but I usually read too fast for that to work. I can’t say the narrator was bad but I can’t say it added to the experience.

Rating: Three slices of apple pie. Better than The Shining; not as good as IT.

“I want to get high as apple pie in a red dirt sky,” Mel said, and then laughed: Nyuck-nyuck-nyuck.

Or maybe Whoopie Pies?

“She went to get Woops.”
“He means Whoopie Pies,” Alice said. “But she went to get other stuff, too. Because Mr. Killian didn’t caretake the cabin like he was supposed to.

Certainly not mockingbird pie…

“Jesus wants me to have more dope,” she said in that same dreamy voice. “I want to get as high as a mockinbird pie.”
“I believe that’s ‘elephant’s eye,’ but I’ll take it under consideration.”

All pie references are in honor of a terrific blogging friend who sends me postcards of all her found pie references…


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15 thoughts on “Under the Dome

    1. It seemed to be in that ‘classic King’ style – at least for me. I really haven’t read all that much considering his body of work! I do recommend 11/22/63 if you haven’t read it yet.

  1. I agree with your rating. Maybe I would give it an extra half, but not more than that.

    I am down to the final pages of Joyland and I have to say, I am going to be sad to turn that last page. It’s not anything like what I expected but maybe that’s a good thing and I noticed that King (in Joyland) tells you what happens before you know the entire story. Foreshadowing in a big way. I didn’t like it at first. I mean, who wants to know that so and so dies right off the bat, but the style grew on me. Maybe because it’s labeled as ‘hard crime” although I don’t think that genre entirely fits.

  2. I liked Under the Dome, I agree with you though – IT was better. THe ending of this one irked me, but then that is typical of the longer King books. I like that you not pie references. I’m much more self absorbed, I note characters named Rory (and there is a little boy in Under the Dome named Rory – very exciting).

    1. Darn! I don’t recall a Rory! I’ll have to go look for him. You do know, right? that I had to read King’s first book because of the title… I haven’t gotten around to Dreiser’s book yet.

  3. FOUR DAYS?!?! I’m really glad that I’ve been mostly reading this one and began reading it because I agree about the narrator. I’m not about 55% in and can’t read it fast enough–except I really can’t read it fast enough. I’m going to have to put it down for two book club books the next two weeks (Walk in the Woods and Naked (Sedaris)) and I’m afraid that it’ll put a damper on the book. Basically B has been framed and the good lot are trying to undo what BJR has done. AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. 🙂

    It’s still not IT–not sure any of them will top that experience for me–but I am really liking it a lot.

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