Called to Coach

Thoughts ctcbybb Called to Coach: Reflections on LIfe, Faith, and Football by Bobby Bowden with Mark Schlabach, Howard Books – A Division of Simon & Schuster 2010, 276 pages. Autobiography/Nonfiction, Hardback.


May 28, 2013

Dear Coach Bowden,

Thank you for pursuing your dream to coach football and writing books about your life. Thank you for going on the lecture circuit where I would be able to have the chance to meet you and listen to your stories. I admire you.

I might not have said that during the years when Florida State was beating up on my Big 12 teams in bowl games, but I will say it now. Truthfully, the movie We Are Marshall opened my eyes to how great a man you are and not just – what I assumed – an arrogant coach of a football powerhouse. I humbly acknowledge that I have been too quick to judge and often make negative assumptions far too quickly and hold far too long.

I met you a few months ago in Florida when you came to speak at a dinner I attended with my husband. You were gracious and very funny. I was very impressed and was eager to read your book. I especially loved all the connections you shared with players and coaches from my school, Kansas State. But what I loved best were the stories about love and relationships, about your wife and your family, about your career goals and trusting in God to make your path known.

Wishing you all the best,



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4 thoughts on “Called to Coach

  1. dastevensish

    Never in a million years would I have imagined wanting to read this book. If I’m being honest, I guess I probably still won’t read it…but you really made me think that maybe I should with this letter. 🙂

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