Under the Dome #DomeAlong

The idea of writing a “howdy” post to inspire me right into review-writing has not been as successful as I had hoped. I fear that review-writing is one of those things that once on the treadmill thereof, reviews come easy. Cold starts into review-writing, not so come easy.

But I DO want to post so here’s what I got for today:


I have had my arm twisted to join with one of the most fun readalong-gangs on Twitter to read Stephen King’s Under the Dome.

____——-____—–>  Read about it HERE. <—–____—–____

I was tempted by 1) the TV show series of Under the Dome starting next month, and 2) the last time I mowed the lawn, I had audio-echos of The Stand and that clown book which title is escaping me – that’s scary, huh? – invading my brain. That’s scary, too. The memory loss and the audio-echos, yes? YES.

Truly, I mowed the lawn last year to Uncle Stevie books. And I miss it. Or… I really don’t want to explore what exactly this means, but that I am unable to resist the call to listen to more over-30-hour-horror-books by the master.

In other news, I am enjoying The Burgess Boys which I will be able to give to my Auntie who lives in Maine when I see her soon in Florida. Love that my family is from ALL OVER THIS CRAZY NATION. I get to see my mother, too. Which will be very nice. (hi MOM!) I will be reading The Mermaid of Brooklyn on my iPad Kindle app for club next week. (A friend says I won’t like it which is oddly encouraging me to give it a fair shake and I am now truly looking forward to this.) I think I will slug along my copy of Kitchen Confidential and get it done, too.

Thanks NATALIE for hosting the #DomeAlong!  Sorry I’ve been so grumpily enthusiastic!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to why review-writing is tough after a break…  Because you’ve (I’ve) had time letting it marinate and thinking I could do this awesome post with quotes and back-story, vocabulary, etc and then some and when I sit down to let fingers dance on keyboard, I hyperventilate about time and the other tasks I *should* be doing like cleaning bathrooms or organizing my closet. Shame on me for letting house duties interfere with blogging fun.

Kick me if you don’t see a review soon for one of these:  Called to Coach, Tropic of Cancer, Life After Life.

No go sign up for the Under the Dome readalong. Go!

Needs must.


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17 thoughts on “Under the Dome #DomeAlong

  1. I think this is just what the doctor ordered…for the old along gang to get together and read/listen to some Uncle Stevie. I haven’t been this excited about blogging in a long time… So glad you’re joining. Even if reluctantly.

    And IT…

    1. I know! HOW could I forget ‘IT’? too funny. And by-the-way, I was touched and excited about the name idea you have for next-baby-sweetums. I *wish* Caroline was my name, but that’s another story. (Not really.)

  2. Bathrooms clean themselves, and closets clean themselves out if you wait long enough. At least that’s my attitude when I sit down to write!

  3. I loved Under The Dome. I have too many books that I am committed to at the moment to participate in the readalong but I can participate in discussions.

    I agree with Jeanne, housework gets done by itself when you’re not looking. I think it’s little fairies or sprites.

    1. Lovely! I am impressed with how many people I respect have liked UtD so I am sure I will enjoy it.

      I think I need just a few more fairies and sprites. They have not been attending to the dusting – which one would think might be their specialty (over vacuuming.)

      1. The fairies/sprites seem to be very good at washing the floors … Though now that I think about it that could just be our dog, Midnight. The floor seems to be especially clean around the garbage can, kitchen table and living room seating. Hmmm … ; )

  4. Oh, my friend, I have been absolutely horrible at reviewing and reviewing this year! It is because of Stephen King that I am motivated to get back into the swing of it all. And within just a few pages, I’m hooked and enjoying things again! Last year, for IT I listened to it while running, which was the reason why I had one of my longest runs ever one creepy night. I was considering doing a combo listen/read for Under the Dome but if the audio is super, I might stick with that. Who knows? I do know that while I might not be reading anything else right now, I’ll have one heck of a time with all of you reading at least one book and tweeting/posting about it! 🙂

    1. Yes, true! I just completed a job that took more time from my reading/pie-baking/down-time activities so I’m hoping I will be back to blogging soon. Although, as I keep throwing things into June, I realize June is very close around the corner. Let’s just relax and have fun with it, right?

  5. litandlife

    I wish one of the peoples who have actually read and loved UtD would give us a fabulous idea for an accessory we all must have. I would so get them for every one! I do have an idea for a bookmark I’ll send everyone (think Henry Doorly Zoo!).

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