Catching Fire

Thoughts cfbysc Catching Fire (The Hunger Games #2) by Suzanne Collins, Scholastic Press 2009, 391 pages, eBook

For the What’s in a Name 6 Challenge: FIRE Category

FIRST SENTENCE:  “I clasp the flask between my hands even though the warmth from the tea has long since leached into the frozen air.”

WHAT’s it ABOUT: Assuming my dear readers have already read this or at least have read The Hunger Games #1, then this is continuation of Katniss’ story. I will offer spoilers here so if you want to read book #2 and don’t want to know what happens, go away. I am shocked I managed to avoid what this book contained, but I did. Let me ruin it now (assuming you are still on this page!)

OK, so Katniss won the games in book #1 and she goes back home. She lives in a Winner’s Village House; Haymitch and Peeta & Family have their own Winner’s Village House. Katniss still hunts in the woods outside the fence because she needs something to do. She’s supposed to be – so the publicity machine is telling – designing clothes as her new hobby but she’s leaving all that to Cinna. (I love Cinna.) She is still conflicted if she loves Gale or not and has been managing to avoid Peeta most of the time but she still likes him, too. I kind of liked that we still don’t get a grip on her feelings about this triangle because, hey! It’s complicated. 

However, Prez WhatsHisName (I can only picture Donald Sutherland) has it out for Miss Katniss and shows up one day to tell her to toe the line or everyone she loves will perish. Blahblahblah. Tensions are rising across the country. Meaner guards and police are sent to the district so she is no longer able to go hunt in the woods. And then!

egads!!!  the craziness!!!

Because it is a Quell Year – (I won’t explain it, you already know or you wouldn’t be reading this, right?), the new fun twist is that each district will be submitting candidates for the games from PREVIOUS WINNERS. Yep. Not good for our Miss Katniss because she is the only chick from District 12 so no surprise which female will be sent. Peeta gets to go again, too. They attempt to protect each other.

Katniss is once again her adorable cheerful friendly self (do read that in your best sarcastic tone) as they train and she is suspicious of all. The games happen…

Alliances and mutiny.

(Bring on Mockingjay – Book #3.)

Three slices of pie. (I really am enjoying the series, but Katniss drives me up a wall sometimes.)


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22 thoughts on “Catching Fire

  1. Agree that Katniss can get a bit irritating at times. I wanted to say to her, “Look, life is not fair, but these are the cards you’ve been dealt. Now play on.”
    Still love her thought because she is not the typical teen I come across in YA.

    1. If it wasn’t such an obvious choice for the FIRE category of the challenge (and the movie wasn’t coming up AND it didn’t star America’s darling J-Law), I probably wouldn’t have read it either. I usually do not do series!

    1. LOL! The word struck me for some reason, had to keep repeatingit whenever it popped up. I really was surprised when she had to back to the games and this also made me laugh that I managed to avoid that spoiler!

  2. I really enjoyed this one and raced into Book 3 (which I never ever ever do with series) but then stopped reading it halfway. Let me know when you move on to 3 and maybe we can read together. I was enjoying it–I just got pulled in other directions and could never seem to go back.

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