Happy Last Day of #LetterMo 2013

This year, LetterMo has been giving us a tracking system with opportunity to win Achievements. I entered what I will mail today (I wrote most of it late last night when I should have been studying mathematics) and I made it to the top 10 of the LeaderBoard. Looks like I will have to write a few more to maintain a spot by the end of the day, however!

Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 7.32.50 AM

As was the case last year, I had a blast! I know a few of you got a letter or a postcard and a select few got more than one letter! (which implies you sent ME some fun mail so THANK YOU!) I especially prized the art I was sent. And the pie postcards. 😀

Looking forward to next year. LetterMo sure adds sunshine to a grey and dismal month.


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15 thoughts on “Happy Last Day of #LetterMo 2013

  1. My hand hurts just thinking about how many letters you wrote! Of course, selfishly I’m mighty glad you did. 🙂 Hopefully, a little reminder that spring is coming one of these days should arrive in your mailbox shortly. Any idea how many letters/cards you received compared to how many you sent?

    1. Yes, Debi, I think I took accurate notes. I recieved 16 letters/postcards. Two pie postcards came the same day – from Softdrink. I received a Valentine from Nova Scotia, flower art from Alberta and a lovely notecard from France. My favorite Auntie sent me a Valentine and none of my N&Ns acknowledged my cards. No! The oldest two did mention on Facebook, so I have to say I am still trying to train them – ha!
      I sent over 100 pieces of mail. Oddly, only one package.

  2. I love what you’ve sent me. I have not been good about writing back; it’s not lack of enthusiasm but the seasonal affective disorder lack of ability to do anything but see to the essentials and do escapist reading.

    1. You may not know that I set a goal to write a letter EVERY DAY in 2012. I didn’t make it unless you averaged! I write in spurts. Easy to write 7 in one sitting once a week, but daily is TOUGH.

  3. I so wish I could have played this year! I am now officially committed to finding pie postcards, btw. Haven’t seen any yet, but any that I do find, are definitely going your way!

    1. yay! I am thinking of making postcards with my icon pie but I can’t find the graphical that is pretty enough to copy and my drawing skills are hit and miss.

  4. Can you tell me more about this?! I adore writing letters. I used to write to friends and family all the time when I moved away from home before email, Facebook, twitter etc. became the way people keep in touch and stopped responding by letter, card even postcards!.
    I’m thrilled that there are still people who like to write letters and send them by regular mail. I think people still love getting something much better than a bill in their mail. I’m so excited that you are a fan of letter writing, Care.. When you have a chance, I’d like to know more about this website!

    1. http://www.LetterMo.com is the site and experience is designed for the month of February. This was the second year. Be sure to check out all the posts because Mary (the originator) makes note of other sites dedicated to letter writing like the Letter Writing Alliance and The World Needs more Love Letters (you can probably search for those, too.)

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