Bookish Memories

Stealing the TOP TEN idea from yesterday…  I haven’t ever participated in the meme but the official sponsor is The Broke and the Bookish.

1. Book Fest Boston 2009 – meeting Dawn of She is Too Fond of Books and having a ‘secret phrase’ to say to each other so we knew we were really who we said we were.

2. Book Bloggers Convention/BEA – NYC 2010 – YOWZA what a great time that was!

3. The first time another blogger offered to send me a book. Not a giveaway, no strings attached. (Happened to be  I’Jaam.) Thanks again Jill. You ROCK.

4. Realizing book blogs exist and I can finally make friends who want to talk about books!

5. Having my Fifth Grade teacher read The Hobbit – and realizing that I can finally read BIG books. Oddly, I never even considered reading Lord of the Rings until I heard about the movies being made.

6. Being so bored with reading books I was supposed to read that I turned in a book report for a Danielle Steele (I cannot for the life of me figure out WHICH book) and having my Sophomore Honors English teacher trash it for being ‘trash’ and then taking me aside later and telling me she loves Danielle Steele, too, but it wasn’t appropriate for school.

7. Reading Les Miserables in High School and bawling-sobbing through the last 60 pages. I remember counting too when I started crying to see how many pages it was.

8. Babysitting my niece and driving around Kansas City with her in the backseat reading Harry Potter. She must have been in Second Grade?

9. My first author-meet was Lisa Genova at a book signing for Still Alice. It was held at the Chatham Library and I was the first one there so I sat down to read 84 Charing Cross Road. I still remember laughing out loud and looking up to find the room was packed full of people.

10. I remember exactly where I was and how I felt when I found out that Dewey had died. Dewey was a pillar in our community and was responsible for many online activities that brought us together, such as the Read-A-Thon which has been named in her honor. I held her opinion on books in such high regard and was always thrilled when she would leave comments on my posts. I recall how somber and serious that next Read-A-Thon was. I realized just how much this book blogger stuff is REAL; understanding that I have made some real friendships over the interwebs and I cherish this experience.

Ok, now I’m all sniffly. Thanks for the memories. Let’s make some more fun bookish memories, shall we?


27 thoughts on “Bookish Memories

  1. Aww, you’re making me all nostalgic too! Book blogging has brought lots of good memories. I still remember getting to BEA in the afternoon in 2010 and finding you and Jill right away since I was so freaked out and walking around the floor together. So much fun.

    1. YOU are definitely one of the highlights of my BEA experience. That might not sound appropriate… 😀 I remember at the ATM when you discovered your paycheck had been deposited? Is that right? something abt your paycheck anyway – you were very excited.

  2. What a sweet list of memories.
    When I returned to the book blogging world after a 2-year (or maybe not quite 2?) absence, it was interesting to see who I still remembered and thought of–and to realize that Dewey is still at the forefront of that group even after all this time (as were you).

  3. What a lovely list of memories. Book blogging really is a special thing. I remember being blown away whan I realized how many people out there love reading as much as I do. I have many friends who read, but very few that think of it as an essential part of life. Book blogging made me realize that I was not alone in feeling that way. I wish I’d had a chance to know Dewey through her blog before she left, but what a sweet legacy!

    1. I still get blown away when I discover a new-to-me blogger and find all these other people I don’t know! I know that I have not been out there exploring like I did in the old days… It’s still great to find kindred spirits.

  4. I came onto the scene a little too late — and was a bit too shy — to have known Dewey, which I always regret. But I also remember vividly how happy I was to discover that book blogs existed and I’d have a constant source of recommendations for new books to read.

    1. I don’t think you are allowed to regret things you didn’t even know about. You can only regret things you decided not to do once you thought of doing it. But I could be wrong. Regrets aren’t healthy, I do know that. You can’t have any regrets about finding ME – heehee. 🙂

  5. I’ve been loving these memories that everyone has been sharing and you have some great ones. I love your teacher trashing Danielle Steele but then taking you aside and saying she loved her! And you and Dawn and your “secret” code. Thanks for sharing!

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