February 2013 Itinerary


I will be writing letters every day, listening and reading The Shining, The Art Forger, attending two book club meetings, maybe reading The Song of Achilles, definitely Packing for Mars, going on vacation, studying for the Mathematics Specialty MTEL Exams, and avoiding cleaning the house. Happy February!


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16 thoughts on “February 2013 Itinerary

    1. Thanks. I’m treating the exam almost like an experiment to see how really hard it truly is! I doubt I can study enough in the time I have given myself.

  1. Good for you with the letter-writing! You’re keeping the U.S.P.S. alive. I try to send cards throughout the year (always with a note), but don’t really exchange letters with anyone anymore.

    1. Last year was the big goal year to write every single day. I did well, considering the goal morphed into ‘averaging a letter every day’.

  2. Wowza–that’s a busy month! Where are you vacationing? I’m joining you on #shineon, vacationing (though I’m vacationing in my home–its a vacation because the chillens will be at my parents), and oh how I like the sounds of avoiding cleaning the house, so I think I’ll join you on that one too. 😀

    Good luck on the test!!!

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