Announcing Song of Achilles Readalong #AchilleSong

Up for a flexible informal readalong, Anyone?


One of the tweeples I follow has expressed interest in reading The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. So I thought I would open it up to anyone else who might be interested in this (from what I hear) beautifully written interpretation of one of the stories in The Illiad.

We’ll be tweeting with hashtag #AchilleSong.

We don’t yet have a start date nor time frame – we are being FLEXIBLE. Flexibility is in order because Sharlene is in line to get the book from the library and we don’t really have any way to expect WHEN it will be available.

So, if you want to read this book and don’t mind the vague details of a readalong plan and could possibly start at a moment’s notice, then JOIN US!  We’re hoping sometime in February but it might be later.


Last October, I attended a Boston Book Fest 2012 session featuring the author and a Harvard professor chatting about this book and I am really excited to see what is about. Maybe then I will have the courage to attempt The Illiad itself.

Leave a comment here or tweet at me @BkClubCare if you are interested and I’ll start a list.  Or watch the hashtag in Twitterville. If you don’t tweet and even if you don’t have a blog, you can always join the discussion here at Care’s Online Book Club. All are welcome.


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25 thoughts on “Announcing Song of Achilles Readalong #AchilleSong

  1. I heard Madeline Miller talk about The Song of Achilles at our Baltimore Book Festival. Our book club read it with very mixed reviews. I loved this book yet there were a few people who didn’t even bother finishing it! I guess that is what makes Book clubs so interesting!

    1. You do have a large book club. I’m sure you often have books that have conflicting reviews. And yes, discussions are more fun when the book is not universally loved and gushed over.

  2. I’ve been wanting to do a readalong (that doesn’t involve scaring myself to death because I’m kind of wimpy that way). I placed a hold at my library and hopefully the timing will work out for me to join in!

    1. Wonderful. And that is the cool thing about “Flexible/Informal” is that timing can and will overlap and that is allowed and understandable. We will all just have a nice warm place to visit and discuss and ask questions when we get around to it; at the exact time of “sooner or later”.

  3. I want to read this one too and it’s already on my Kindle. I am doing The Shining readalong and hosting one for Vanity Fair in February, so I’m crossing my fingers for a bit later for this one. But I’ll probably join in regardless.

  4. I want to read this and have for a while. I’d love to join your readalong. I don’t have the book either so I’m going to check my library, see what the sitch is and go from there. And since I cannot seem to remember anything anymore in my old age (ack! heee, hee!) I’m going to make a note to check back here about the readalong. Another post it note for my computer…there’s got to be a better way! lol
    Thank you!

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