Stories I Only Tell My Friends

Thoughts siotmfbyrl Stories I Only Tell My Friends: An Autobiography by Rob Lowe, Macmillan Audio 2011, Audiobook 9.25 hours

WHY I READ LISTENED to THIS: I heard it was good, especially the audiobook. And since I was having a little 80s hangover after Ready Player One, I decided now was time for a little Rob Lowe in my life.

I have always liked Rob Lowe. I barely remember the sensationalized crap he did and got caught for but he gently reminded me and how he has learned to move on from all that. I honestly am not much of a celebrity know-it-all but still like at least be aware of who is who without obsessing on all the juicy tidbits. I had no idea (or forgot) that he was friends with the Sheen boys and the Penns. He seems quite grounded. He never fell to negative gossip nor shared any non-positives about too many people. He balances some (of what I would call ‘show-offy’ cuz I am what? jealous?!) things he has been able to do with interesting sad facts about Hollywood.

I was a huge fan of West Wing and his Sam Seaborn. He may have convinced me that I need to read and see Hotel New Hampshire. I also want to see the version of The Outsiders (and read the book!) with his scenes that were cut out of the original release.

Interesting stories; delightful delivery. He surprised me.

FIVE SLICES of PIE;  Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly Pie – (I have ideas for an original recipe and just might dedicate it to Mr. Lowe when I get around to experimenting…)

What’s your favorite Rob Lowe movie or TV role?


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19 thoughts on “Stories I Only Tell My Friends

  1. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed his memoir. He did a great job reading it as well. Celebrity memoirs don’t normally interest me but I’m glad I took a chance on his. As far as my favorite of his movies? I can’t come up with one. I like his current work on Parks & Recreation 🙂

  2. I love Rob Lowe! Such a huge part of my teen years since he was part of the “Brat Pack”. I watched The Outsiders 14 times while it was in the theatre! I also love the book though, naturally.

    He was also delightful in St. Elmo’s Fire, also from the 80’s. He’s with Demi Moore in that one.

    I never really cared about his personal life, not that I didn’t feel badly that his life was on parade. I am one of those people who thinks we have no right to know what goes on behind closed doors if people are law abiding. Celebs and sport figures included. That being said, I do think that they have a little more responsibility of behaving well in public. But really, we’re all human …

    I haven’t read this book yet as I tend not to read a lot of autobiographies but I think you’ve convinced me to give it a whirl. 🙂

    1. If you like Rob Lowe, I expect your esteem for the guy will only increase if you read this. And of course, I know about St.Elmo’s Fire. And About Last Night. and I even think I saw Youngblood in the theater. But I know I didn’t see Outsiders 14 times! Maybe Rocky Horror Picture Show…

  3. Oooh … love Rocky Horror too! I actually own a copy and my kids are hooked too. We love to dance around to the songs, especially Time Warp … but I digress.

    I saw The Outsiders that much because I have … ahem … had a crush on Matt Dillon 😉

    I’ve put my name on the library list … I’ll let you know when I’ve read it but this book is in much higher demand than SofA

  4. I liked him in St. Elmo’s Fire because I was just starting out in a little town outside of Washington D.C. and in the movie they went to Georgetown bars and some of what they were going through, I felt like my friends and I were going through some of that, too.

  5. I really liked this one too. SO GOOD! He was so down to earth in the audio and it was interesting to hear of all of his “connections” as a kid and how much death surrounded him. That whole 9-11 scenario was freaky!

  6. This was on my favorite last year, the audio since I don’t think reading it in print would have been as interesting. I was surprised at how much I liked it considering that I was never a huge fan. You really should check out Parks and Rec, it’s pretty good. I was amazed at just how many Hollywood folk he knew at a young age considering he was just a teen from Ohio. I watched The Outsiders after listening to this and was disappointed (not in the Lowe’s shower scene however, that was completely fine).

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